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AI and social media collaboration bolster disaster risk management

By Ma. Mikaela Alonso and Melvirose Apolinar/UM Intern


BEING A disaster-prone country with digital-native citizens, Japanese startup company Spectee sees the Philippines as the perfect place to implement Spectee Pro, an advanced disaster prevention and management solution.

In the AI-Solution Introduction Seminar, Spectee COO Satoshi Negoro stated that Spectee Pro was founded in Japan in 2011 after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami to prevent big casualties due to late warnings for future happenings.

The way it works involves AI analysis of data collected from social media posts, cameras all over the location, car probe, and people traffic data, and are then finalized by the Human Team before distributing alerts to customers. This way, information relayed is authentic and false warnings through mistakes by the AI are not distributed.

“From the beginning, we have been focusing on disaster prevention and crisis management using cutting-edge technologies… Our mission is to visualize the crisis to build resilient societies and protect people’s lives,” Negoko said.

After introducing Spectee Pro to various provinces in the Philippines, Negoko said they received positive feedback from local government units that wanted to use it immediately despite the different capabilities in providing equipment for the implementation.

“We noticed that the capabilities are different province by province. For example… Davao is really advanced, but in other areas like Cebu, no equipment, “ he specified.

When asked about the program’s estimated implementation, Negoko said it might be next year.


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