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Letter to the editor

Amalia Cabusao

Mindanao Times

Ponciano Reyes Street 

And Palma Gil Street

Davao City


Dear Editors,

 I am amazed and confused that within Davao City, many traffic lights at busy intersections are either not working or are switched off.  As a result, traffic through these intersections is chaotic, dangerous, risky and frustrating. 

Why is this situation allowed to happen in a progressive and well regarded city such as Davao, the home of the current Vice-President and previous President?

Maybe the high cost of electricity is making traffic lights no longer affordable.   On the other hand, maybe the maintenance costs cannot be paid.

Whatever the reasons, Davao City officials should be alarmed that the city is fast becoming polluted and congested  and will  join the list of other cities which attract criticism because the infrastructure to aid traffic flow is no longer a priority and is falling apart.

It is evident that along some major roads maintenance is occurring albeit at what seems a slow pace.  In the years ahead this will hopefully make commuting quicker and safer.

The CTTMO at major intersections work effectively to keep traffic moving.  Without the CTTMO and the threat of a fine for a traffic infringement, commuting around Davao City would be unbearably slow and  time consuming.

It is now time for officials to rethink why drivers must run the risk of collision as they try to manoeuvre their vehicles through intersections where traffic lights should be working.


Barry Schmitt

Narra Park Residences



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