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CULTURAL POTPOURRI | Galerie Raphael’s “Rubio & Friends Group Exhibit”

The artists (l-r): Ombok Villamor, Kate Necesario, Shella Marie Go, Al David, Aljo Pingol, Dominic Rubio, Jerry Morada, Edwin Tres Reyes

EXQUISITE art collections in Davao, then that space is Galerie Raphael.  “Davao has always been a top choice for Galerie Raphael’s operations.  It has been in the radar as far as the gallery is concerned.  Setting up a permanent space at the Azuela Cove to showcase its collection of artworks by celebrated local artists is a step in fulfilling its primary objective which is for art to be accessible to everyone…My partners feel confident about the Davao market; and we think that Davao is more than ready to welcome the kind of art that our artists are showcasing.  The quality and how it levels into fine art are things we took into consideration in discerning the taste of Davaoenos and those from its neighboring cities,” explained Joaquin “Jack” Teotico, the managing director cum owner of Galerie Raphael with the Davao-based Andreas “Andy” Tuason for business partner.

     “I’ve always been interested in art so I sought out the gallery business with my long time friend, Jack Teotico,” said Andy Tuason who has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies—Communication & European Studies from the Ateneo de Manila University.

     Last August 23, 2022, Davao’s certified art enthusiasts and respected art collectors who consider objects of art as assets made their presence appreciably felt when Galerie Raphael launched its “Rubio & Friends Group Exhibition.”  Dominic Rubio is well known for his visual art depictions of Filipino life during the Spanish colonial period of our history.

“Aking Silong” brass sculpture by Dominic Rubio

Rubio’s distinctive paintings and sculptures depict human figures with reed-thin necks and oversized heads.  His artworks illustrate the Filipino values on love for family and preserving cultural tradition.  The 52 year old contemporary artist Rubio is from Paete, Laguna, where he is the founding member of the Paete Artist Group.  He obtained his Commercial Arts degree from the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts.  After graduating, he worked in a multi-national advertising agency and later became an in-house artist for a luxurious resort in Mindanao.

(l-r): Nesty Fernandez, Bong Deiparine, Marissa S. Tionko, Andreas Tuason, Keenan and Monica Ugarte

     In Rubio’s 30-year career as an esteemed artist, he values dearly his artist friends whom he met in stages in his journey.  These are people whom he holds dear and respects.  To celebrate Rubio’s 52nd birthday this year, they all agreed on doing collaborative artworks to exhibit as a dedication to friendship.  Rubio considers his friends as parts of his life that he met in different times. 

Ribbon cutting time (l-r): Shella Marie Go, Mayor Al David Uy, Kate Necesario, Andreas Tuason

Bayani Ray Alcala and Jerry Morada are friends from his hometown in Paete, Laguna.  Edwin Tres Reyes and Aljo  Pingol are friends that he met in UST.  Carlo Magno, Richard Arimado, Karina Baluyot, Aileen Lanuza and Vincent del Pio were his colleagues at the Guevarra Group of Artists; while Faico and Ram Mallari were sculptors he met when he was actively involved in sculpting which, by the way, is his first love. 

The artists (l-r): Ombok Villamor, Kate Necesario, Shella Marie Go, Al David, Aljo Pingol, Dominic Rubio, Jerry Morada, Edwin Tres Reyes

Then there are Mario de Rivera and Edwin Wilwayco, among others still, whom he met later when he became the senior artist of Galerie Joaquin.

     “Artist friendships are often synonymous with collaboration and creation.  The exhibit also features a preview of how friendship and relationships between artists can develop as a conversation through art; and how it becomes a fundamental part of each individual’s artist practice,” confided Andy Tuason.

(l-r): Louie and Bobong Gahol, Aimee Villajuan, Shella T. Laxa, Josie C. Tionko, Michael E. Dakudao

     Rubio and Friends are telling interesting stories through their artworks connecting us with each other in the past, present and future.  Indeed, the Rubio & Friends collaborative art exhibition emphasizes the richness of our cultural heritage.

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