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Holding the line

Mayor Ayran Lantud of Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte.

SERVING the people had always been in their blood. So, when Mayor Ayran Lantud of Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte, had the opportunity to show that he deserves to be head of the table, he seized it with finesse and consistency.

Leading Pantao Ragat for the second time, he plans to maintain and enhance the legacy his grandfathers and parents had cemented in the region.

“I think the values that I learned from my family are integrity & being responsible. Expressing gratitude to others, especially to your employees, and taking responsibility and accountability for your actions,” he said.

Aside from the values, he seeks to maintain their highly commended initiatives during his first term with his father as vice mayor, Mr. Lacson Lantud.

“We [will] continue concrete road construction on our barangays, agricultural projects for our people, and making Pantao Ragat one of the cleanliest municipalities of Lanao Del Norte,” he highlighted.

He also aims to preserve their Drug-free municipality, which was heightened and made possible during his first term as mayor.

A sports and motor enthusiast, he wants to apply the socializing skills he learned in his hobbies to become more gregarious with his people than before.

Beyond his social growth, he had overcome the fears that had held him from fully realizing his potential in his last years in politics. “I overcome them by deciding what you believe is important and self-improvement in your own personal sense of right & wrong to become a better person. And giving yourself permission to grow & taking time to reexamine both.”

His mother and Lanao del Norte’s first Muslim female mayor Eleanor Dimaporo Lantud said that he already had flair for leadership ever since he was 8 years old, so they introduced him to a lot of public speaking and events.

At the age of 18, exposure to political activities and social gatherings allowed him to navigate politics and serve as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman in Pantao Ragat and was enthroned as Sultan.

More than promulgating resolutions and initiating youth programs, he furthered his own political identity by immersing himself in the community, proving that he’s worthy to take over as the head of the table.

Together with his loving spouse, Evah Lantud, he wants to establish a healthy family while striking balance between work and politics

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