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ROUGH CUTS | No special treatment but…

WE SAW and heard over television news reports the other afternoon a portion of an interview with the Police Regional Office (PRO) XI spokesperson on the latest development of the shooting incident involving a non-uniformed personnel  of the PNP.

     The spokesperson denied allegations that the suspect, a doctor of medicine working for the PRO XI, is not detained by the police. According to the spokesperson the doctor is held at the San Pedro Police Station detention cell.

     But in the same interview the lady-lawyer cop also claimed that until the other day the police is further conducting an investigation to determine the appropriate charges to be filed.  Wow! Isn’t it strange that the doctor-suspect is detained, according to the spokesperson, without any charges because the law enforcers are still conducting further probe to determine what proper raps to be filed against him?

     Indeed any Tom, Dick and Harry cannot be faulted if he be intrigued with what is happening because it is hard to imagine that five days after the shooting to death of a 19-year old youth the investigators are still in a quandary as to what to charge against the suspect, a member of a known yet controversial family in the city. And the police are saying that there is no special treatment of the suspect! 

     If the delay in the determination of the appropriate charges against the suspect despite the clear advantage of the perpetrator against the youthful victim who was without a deadly weapon is not special treatment of sort, then what is special treatment to the police and other law enforcement groups that  are called upon to help investigate?

     What if the suspect was just any Tomas, Ricardo and Hilario? Will it take this long for the authorities to decide what charges to be filed?

    Also, granting that the suspect is still detained at the San Pedro Police station detention center without charges will the lawyer of the doctor-suspect not move for the immediate release of the suspected perpetrator of the crime? We are more than certain he will.

     Intriguing indeed.


     With the flooding of many parts of Mindanao these days we could not help but be reminded that even nature has its way of getting back against those who perpetrated the serious damage to the environment. And revenge is taking its toll not just on the lives of people who are the leading destroyers of the environment, but also on the livelihood activities that the people are dependent for their survival.

     Say in Zamboanga, hectares and hectares of rice and corn lands were submerged in water due to long hours of continuous rains.  Livelihood like resort operations were put to a stop in Pagadian City endangering the lives of resort goers and bringing damage to properties both public and private. 

     Now, will such calamity as devastating floods ever be avoided these days? Our take is that, it cannot be avoided anymore. The worsening destruction of nature by humans and their non-stop search for new technologies to interfere with nature are enough to bring out natural forces to avenge its destruction.

     However, the current situation is not totally hopeless. That is, if the people and those charged to regulate activities will be as paranoid as their desire in instituting mitigating measures as it is in the efforts to look for technological measures in interfering with nature.


     The other day we saw one example of how people behave in certain situations they are brought into. Yes, in vaccination sites, in aid distribution activities we normally hear those lining up in the middle of the heat of the sun complaining aloud for lack of consideration by the government to its constituents.

     But the mid-morning long line we saw somewhere in Calinan proper everybody was calm and seemingly very well behaved and at their best discipline ever. That sight was despite the rising heat of the sun after a short drizzle.

     No, it was not an aid or assistance distribution incident, or a vaccination crowd. It was a long, long line of lotto bettors wanting to cast their lot on the over P340 million jackpot prize of the Grand Lotto draw.

     In other words, if we really want to act in our best behavior we can do it. But somehow many of us would rather prefer to be undisciplined in most instances. 



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