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ROUGH CUTS |  Thanking the voters in flesh

CONGRATULATIONS to our friend lawyer-accountant Corazon Malanyaon.  After the last May 9, 2022 elections she is now back at the helm of the Province of Davao Oriental. No, she did not get it in a hardly fought electoral battle but by just a simple “walk-in-the-park” kind. She did not have any opponent so she just simply cruise along

     Cora Malanyaon is of course the architect of the modernizing Eastern Davao Province. When she was governor years back before she went to Congress she worked out the blue print for making her province a local and foreign tourist destination. She jump started the development of the many tourist attractions in both the eastern and western portions of the province. She brought Davao Oriental in the world map when she was able to make a capital out of the most significant find in San Isidro town – the so-called “pigmy forest.” It revealed the existence of centuries-old trees but had not grown to the expected height and size of some of its similar species.

     Will Malanyaon’s second assumption at the helm of the provincial government bring Davao Oriental to yet another level of development? With her connections in Congress, the business community and her acquired adeptness in finding the right fit of programs and projects for the existing resources of her province, especially the natural ones, we can be certain of that.

     We can only hope that her administration will not encounter some scheming political “spoilers.”


     The one candidate for councilor in the third district who we appreciate the most is Carmelo “Bebot” Clarion. He did not make it not because he was wanting in support but because in the homestretch personal financial needs of voters eventually came over the top of principles and preferences.

     Yet Clarion came back to our barangay and thanked everyone including those who committed to support him and later joined the bandwagon of recipients of some kind of largesse although some of the amounts were insignificant courtesy of some greedy political leaders.

     Clarion dropped by the house to take some refreshments available in a little outlet that we have in our yard. There he also thanked us because in the two times that he had come to our place to take a short break during the campaign we were able to introduce him to some residents in our barangay who happened to have their snacks at the time then candidate Clarion was in our refreshment outlet. He placed third in our barangay and for that he said he was grateful for our help.

     We did not expect that gesture actually especially from a candidate who lost in the election. Sadly, so far none of the winners bothered to visit the people especially in areas where they did not fare well. Of course they did their thanks giving on television, radio, newspapers and social media – far less appreciative that being in the areas in flesh.


     Davao City is now pursuing to the maximum its underground cabling project in the downtown’s major thoroughfares. It is closely coordinating with the power distribution company in the city to ensure that the project will be implemented without much inconvenience to the people and traffic movement in the city proper.

     Of late the initial outcome of the project is getting very positive reviews not just from the people of Davao but also from other local governments in the country. The officials of other LGUs are inquiring from the city how the project was conceptualized; how much the LGU is shelling out in terms of money and how Davao City officials engages the power utility in working with the city considering the magnitude of the project and its impact on the finances of both the LGU and the company itself.

     Yes, it seems the underground cabling in Davao City is becoming the benchmark for other local government units similarly endowed as Davao City. 


     So far the initial choices of presumptive President Ferdinand “Bonbong” Marcos, Jr. of people who will help him pursue his administration’s agenda appear to be acceptable by the various sectors of Philippine society.

     But the people are crossing their fingers while waiting for the announcement who will be those who will complete Bongbong’s economic management team like that of the Secretary of Finance, and the Budget Secretary.

     The wait may be over soon. Let’s keep out arms folded.



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