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HONORING MY MOTHER | Sewing what you’ve ripped

By Icoy San Pedro

IT IS what it is. So much like what has been written in that ancient Arabian proverb, the caravan is prepped to go even as the dogs begin to bark, history repeats itself for our people. Before the dust has even settled in this just-concluded presidential elections of 2022, the stirrings of protestations are already taking root. Not so hard to discern this, and it’s definitely not rocket science even. Just when all parties have officially agreed to honor whatever the outcome of ballots, here we all are again, breaking promises. Another favorite pastime. 

In the results of this electoral exercise, numbers do not lie and yet, a clear and absolute defeat must really be that difficult to accept. That usually happens when expectations (built up by slowly beginning to believe in one’s own fantasy of the almost God-given birthright to rule) suddenly collides with the harsh reality that, because of hubris, you may have completely detached yourself from the very people you have tried so hard to woo. 

Or perhaps, you might have forgotten the real essence of that lesson, the one taught us in school; the one that says flatly: majority rules. This term does not merely pertain to a simple tally of results, mind you. More important, it mirrors a physical force that actually exists behind such numeral, and not only printed down on a tally sheet.

One would think that in a civilized world, respecting a majority decision might have been enough to settle any dispute, but no luck there. These people, clearly backed up by those in the shadows with an agenda, have now gone by many names because of their actions. Sadly for them, they’ve been labeled toxic, arrogant, self-righteous, entitled, bigot, superior and more. But personally for me, the lowest they can go is downgrading themselves as dogs that bark in the night, even as the country’s caravan is ready and set to forge forward.


Their campaign formula of blatantly declaring that a vote against their party would be tantamount to being a “bobo”, has clearly rallied more people against them rather than to be coerced into joining their rank. Proudly bannering a devout religiosity over everyone, while at the same time proceeding to sow a slew of hate-filled statements at opponents; all these must’ve been on the minds of voters as they wielded their pens on election day. Alas, all these have been documented and in the end, another lesson rings clear: you reap what you sow. 

Is it too late then? Unless, they morph into a more constructive opposition participating in nation-building and less the hate, why not?


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