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ROUGH CUTS | Malanyaon’s back-to-the-Capitol journey

Vic N. Sumalinog

WE wonder if President Rodrigo Duterte will be able to do one noble act long expected by many senior citizens, especially the pensioners, before he bows out of office.

     We mean ordering the Social Security System (SSS) to release the second tranche of P1,000.00 in the P2,000 pension hike authorized by law which the President himself signed early on his term.

     Yes, the release of the additional monthly pension is being hoped for by the aging retirees because this means a lot for them now that they are saddled with more expenses as they get older. They need maintenance medicine as well as other food supplements to ensure that their physical condition can withstand the rigors of journeying towards the “finish line.”

     In fact, social media, the favorite vehicle for pranksters in delivering fake news, has in several instances created false expectations among the pensioners.  The latest one was towards last week-end when a certain post said the President has ordered the pension agency to release the second P1 thousand. In fact the source quoted in that social media post was the news reportedly carried by the government television station PTV 4.

     Many, if not all of the retirees wanted to validate the truth of the post by listening and/or viewing the newscast of the mainstream media. Unfortunately it was not carried there. And that is another frustration added to the already weary pensioners. 

     Of course they are not losing hope that ordering the release of the remaining balance in the promised pension hike will possibly be Duterte’s one last benevolent act in the remaining three months of his administration. And if he is able to do that then such act will be his one important legacy that will never be forgotten by the pensioners until their deaths and for sure such noble will continue to be treasured by the family members left by them when they are gone from this world.


     What is this we have heard only recently that there are realignments of political forces in Davao Oriental?

     According to reliable sources, come-back candidate for governor Congresswoman Cora Malanyaon’s journey to the Mati Capitol could not be considered a “walk-in-the-park” situation. Despite the absence of an opponent Cora per election rule, has to get a 50 percent plus 1 vote of the total registered voting population of the province to assure her Capitol comeback. And why are we saying this? Of late, we are fed reports that there are local political figures in the Eastern Davao Province who used to be Malanyaon’s followers but are now reportedly going against her.

     In Baganga town for example one Larry Taya, a rabid follower of Cora before, is now casting his lot outside of the congresswoman’s ambit. Then the traditional oppositions in Davao Oriental in former congresswoman Thelma Almario and one other prominent political figure are reported to be all out against Cora. And worst, if true, is the report that Gov. Nelson Dayanghirang who Cora has convinced to exchange places with her, is now claimed by the congresswoman’s opponents as turning against Malanyaon.

     If all of these claims are true, then Cora has indeed to exert substantial efforts to campaign for herself and/or make sure that those who she had entrusted to carry her campaign for a Capitol comeback will not – to use the favorite term of our late friend Bert Tesorero – lobotomize her.

     But of course knowing Congresswoman Malanyaon for a long time even dating back as far as in her political stint as top councilor in the third district of Davao City way back in the late 80’s, she sure has a way of dealing or confronting adversities in politics as she did even in her previous business ventures.  

     Here’s hoping Cora will weather whatever comes along her way, come hell or high water.


     We believe that it will be a hell of a political battle for Congress in the second district of Davao City. That is, the fight between incumbent congressman Vincent Garcia and second time around challenger to the Garcia hold of the district Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang.

     Yes, it will be an exciting encounter because the protagonists are both known to be banking on the endorsement of Mayor Sara Duterte and her father President Rodrigo Duterte. Other than that the two top contenders are also banding around their accomplishments for the second district in terms of projects and legislations/ordinances that are seen to give substantial developments in the area.

     The young Garcia though seems to have the advantage in his all visible completed projects such as school buildings, barangay halls, covered courts, concreted barangay roads, bridges, cemented sun dryers and others. 

     Dayanghirang too, is proud to have introduced ordinances or resolutions that resulted in implementation of several infrastructure projects in the district.  He is also a down-to-earth campaigner who mingles with the ordinary barangay folks without difficulty, an asset that may not be easily approximated by his opponent – the “masa” look as compared to Garcia’s “burgis” appearance. 

     Of course, when resources under the disposal of the candidates are to be factored in the homestretch of the campaign Garcia may have the advantage and for certain these will play a critical role in determining the final outcome of the race. And for certain Danny knows this.

     So, good luck to the both of you gentlemen!

     For comments and/or reactions we can be reached through our e-0mail address at: victorino.sumalinog@yahoo.com; Mobile No. 09392980435; or Landline 2372169.


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