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ROUGH CUTS | What could change our choice?

Vic N. Sumalinog

LAST Saturday a classmate of ours shared with us through Facebook a video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky having a passionate and meaningful duet with her wife Olena Zelensky. The piece they sang together was “Endless Love.” 

     If a listener would just listen to the two singing without taking a look at the video, he or she would easily be misled to believe that the ones doing the duet are the original singers of the song. 

     Yes, the couple sang it like they were professional singers with the President providing the acoustics guitar accompaniment himself. And we say it was done with so much passion and performed meaningfully because we believe that the two are not any more certain if any one of them would survive the brutal war brought to their country by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Perhaps they could even be thinking that the two of them will die in the war.

     So, it seems the Ukrainian First Couple saw the need to reiterate their commitment to each other that their love is “Until death does us part.” Or that they believe that there can be no sweeter way of ending their love than by fighting for the country that they loved so much until the end of their lives.

     Indeed the couple’s love life is into the most tragic situation with the possibility that it could end at any time soon.


     There are barely 12 days left and the campaign for candidates of local positions will be on the go. Frankly, until this very day, we have no idea how the candidates for Davao City Mayor, Vice Mayor, Congressmen, and City Councilors will do their opening salvos. We are certain though that those with complete line-up or having a Party to claim to be carrying him/her will be out for an auspicious opening bang. But for those who do not have a clear group to lean on and whose organizations are not formalized, most likely they will be out there in their lonesome, or possibly basking on personal perception of acceptance.

     Yes, quite sad that is the harsh reality in Philippine politics. No matter how qualified a candidate is if the person is without clear organization, bereft in resources all his or her beautiful plans for the country – and the local government for that matter – cannot go beyond being nebulous dreams that will just end up going into thin air after a good night’ sleep.

     For us, this early we are already settled as to who we shall cast our support to run Davao City in the next six years. This decision of ours is arrived at even if we only know quite well of the persons of two of the candidates for Mayor of the City. Yes, we know that there are two other aspirants but we have yet to see or hear even the lowest decibel of their voices. We have not also ready any literature or materials that carry with it their qualification to lead the city. Of course, we can understand that the official campaign period has yet to start and they might have been extra cautious so as not to violate any election law.

      However, we believe that if we have advanced knowledge as to their qualifications we could not have been limited in our choice to the two aspirants whose names have lodged long enough in the Davaoeno’s consciousness.

     But of course, it is not yet too late. Once these two other candidates come out of their shells on March 25, we might still be able to know them better and the qualifications they will be claiming to have may still influence our final choice.

     No, we do not belong to the type that goes with the sure winner in any contest especially when it involves governance. But we are a believer that a single vote can make a difference in certain situations. 


     At the national political scene, we are saddened at the thought that not a single adviser of Presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao has cautioned the aspirant from using the two redundant words every time he talks about improving the economy of the country.

     We mean Pacquiao’s continuous use of the words “revenue income” which sadly for him means one and the same thing whether this comes from gains in terms of money from investors, or from taxes levied by the government on person’s wages or earning by businesses large and small.

     And to think that he even uses it during debates that he participated in and during an interview with television personalities in their program. Still, the presidential aspirant loves to call those who are not voting for him and have an inclination for Bongbong Marcos and the others as “bobos

     For comments and/or reactions we can be reached at our e-mail address at: victorino.sumalinog@yahoo.com

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