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ROUGH CUTS | Lucky this young man JMQuitain

Vic N. Sumalinog

WHAT’S recently retired Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon up to? 

     In her latest post on Facebook he made a comparison of one artist to another. But he was apparently insinuating the identity of the personality she was referring to with whom she is comparing with comedy actress Pokwang.

     Is Guanzon using her newly-established popularity as her launching pad for her political plan locally or nationally? We are just raising the question because somehow she could not get through with her dying days at the Commission on Elections where she out-staged the entire Commission with her unusual act of advancing the disclosure of her dissenting opinion of a resolution of one of the poll body’s division hearing the various disqualification cases against Presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

     The lady commissioner seems to be trying hard to ape the late fellow Ilonga maverick senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

     Well enough, if she can even just approximate the late Miriam then Guanzon will surely have her place in history or in politics. This early however, the retired commissioner seems to have succeeded first in showing her braggadocio than her true worth. And normally it is this human trait that makes a good number of people turned off on the braggart.


     It looks like First District Congressional challenger Mags Maglana is well on her maximization of the use of social media in her campaign to dislodge incumbent and Presidential son Polong Duterte.

     Mags as her friends fondly call her, is doing some enticing infomercials that many first district residents may be goaded to read or listen and even react to its messages. Apparently Mags may have realized that social media campaigning is the most inexpensive and sure of reaching the desired audiences. 

     We are certain aspirant Mags could be banking on the support of the younger generation of voters most of whom are communications gadget carrying individuals. Besides they are the most “techy” audiences that with a simple touch of their gadgets they will have the opportunity to read, listen and even view the messages shared by other parties.

     Of course we are not discounting the possibility that incumbent Polong may have been in some kind of an intriguing calm these days. But the likelihood is that his camp may have already been raising legions of trolls who are just waiting for the go-signal to create an avalanche of messages using the same platforms that his challenger Mags is seemingly ahead.

     We have no doubt that once given clearance to go ahead the incumbent’s social media ‘soldiers’ will be vicious in their attacks. They will be unforgiving and without regards to the opponent’s gender. Challenger Mags must be wary of this possibility.

     Of course knowing Mags and the conditions she has been through in the past, we are certain she cannot be bullied into submission without an honorable fight. And while she may be wanting in logistics to see her through the political battle we know she has the guts that cannot easily be intimidated and can move mountains of obstructions on the way.

     For now however, the challenger must recognize the fact that her opponent is like a vertical granite wall that is likely to withstand even the strongest intensity earthquake of an opposition juggernaut. And there is no need to elaborate why.


     The luckiest candidate for the May 8 local elections in Davao City is of course Vice Mayoralty aspirant Jay Melchor Quitain. His is comparable to not just a walk but to a stroll in the park.  Imagine he being suddenly catapulted to the vice mayoralty candidacy by a simple decision of Mayor Sara to withdraw her COC as reelectionist and to run for the Vice Presidency instead. The timing was perfect and no one among those ambitioning for the second highest position in Davao City could anymore run against the younger Quitain..

     Now what is left of him is but the oath-taking and the son of the acting Chief Presidential Legal Counsel will be the next Vice Mayor of Davao City.

     Indeed how lucky this young man can be. A number of other councilors and local administration party stalwarts could be green with envy.

     For comments and/or reactions we can be reached through our email address victorino.sumalinog@yahoo.com; Mobile Number 09392980435; and landline 2372169      


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