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ROUGH CUTS | Is RP ready for ‘exit’ from the pandemic?

Vic N. Sumalinog

IF the pace with which the number of new CoViD infections is diminishing per day over the last five days is to be the gauge, then there is no reason to dispute the claims of some medical experts and research groups that the Philippines is now well on its way to normalization.

     We mean, barring any entry of new and more transmissible virus, the country could already be moving to the pre-pandemic time in terms of its economic growth and people’s health security.

     Yes, according to Secretary Vince Dizon who is heading the administration’s CoViD response efforts, the government is now preparing an exit plan from the pandemic and is looking into the possibility of considering the CoViD thing as a mere endemic that people would just have to learn to live with the virus.  But of course Dizon and his team are working on a scheme which will recommend the adoption of the exit measure first in areas where the cases are fast reducing and known to have population majority of whom are vaccinated. Hopefully, one of these places is Davao City since as of the other day the decrease in the number of newly infected was quite a leap downward. Imagine from over 9,000 as of last Monday it went down to a little over 6,000. 

     Clearly the downward trend figure is an achievement of the local government and its health authorities. It is one indication that despite the very busy schedule of Mayor Sara who is running for Vice President this coming May 9 election she is still well-grounded and is having a handle in the activities of Davao City’s CoViD response people. And of course we have to give credit to the residents for their religious compliance of the various health protocols now in place. And if admittedly there are still a few who wantonly attempt to violate the restrictions there are also establishments and other entities that strictly implement the mandated restrictions even if they have to encounter harsh responses from those violators.

     It is however very heartening to note that there are a few business establishments in the city that share responsibility with the government in carrying out the massive vaccination program in Davao.

     For one we have the Aboitiz-led Davao Light and Power Co. and its sister Aboitiz Power  business units in Davao City. So far, the firms have taken the initiative to organize vaccination activities in various vaccination centers. There were thousands who were prodded to come and avail of the jabs. Of course we are not surprised with the engagement of the Aboitiz business units in these gargantuan efforts. After all the health of its own people, its customers – including juridical ones – is an assurance of the health of its business. Besides, corporate social responsibility is long “endemic” in the culture of the Aboitiz conglomerate.


     This is something funny. A guy who filed his certificate of candidacy against a well-ensconced politician in Davao was known to have done so because somebody told him he would be given money by the other candidate so he will withdraw from the race later. The guy must have already waited for long and the supposed money did not come. So, according to a very knowledgeable source, the candidate came to the office of the other aspirant and requested for some money that he could use for transportation fare to the Commission on Elections office in the city to withdraw his COC.

     Poor guy this one. He could have been victim by some scheming shenanigans who gave him false assurance of financial rewards for supposedly opposing the well-entrenched politico. But it is likely that there are also other candidates who are not really that serious in their desire for the post they are running. They are instead hoping for some windfall from those aspirants who are desirous to win whatever it takes them to do.


     For now the situation is still fluid as to who among those Davao City Council aspirants claiming to be carrying the banner of the local administration party will be included in the official line-up endorsed by the Hugpong ng Pagbabago or Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod.

     We are sure that there will be a lot of elbowing and intrigues so as to discredit those who are already rumored to have the endorsement of the party bigwigs. And for certain, those who will be in the official line-up stand to have better chances of winning. They could also be having the opportunity to become beneficiaries of financial support from interested persons and businesses in the city. Believe me! No one wants to be identified with losers. 

       For comments and/or reactions we can be reached through our e-mail address victorino.sumalinog@yahoo.com or Mobile/Messenger 09392980435 or through landline at 082 2372169.



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