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ROUGH CUTS | We hope to hear from them, too  

Vic N. Sumalinog

WELL now, the surge in new CoViD 19 cases in the country is showing. While it is true that the spike is more noticeable in the Metro Manila area, other highly urbanized cities like Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod and Iloilo, to name only a few, are also reporting significant number of increases.

In Davao City for example, no less than Mayor and Vice Presidential aspirant Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio personally announced the other day the surging number, although not as many as those in Metro Manila. But the lady mayor seems to have learned her lessons very well based on the city’s previous experience. Earlier the Mayor extended the effectivity in Davao City of a national mandate to ban the holding of multi-participants and closed-contact activities especially among government agencies and functionaries. And she reiterated her stern warning for every Davaoeno and those who will come to the city to observe religiously the various health protocols.

Well, we from Davao ought to thank the lady mayor. Yes, despite her very busy schedule because of her pre-official campaign activities around the country she still find time looking into the situation of the city and her people as the pandemic still rages on and a new surge is anticipated after the holiday season.


Yesterday we wrote about the qualifications of first district congressional candidate Mags Maglana. Our basis were the information shared to us by our friend Wennie Gorres. Of course what we have written about the lady aspirant could just be a miniscule of the totality of her person that made her feel she is capable enough to handle the job of a lawmaker. But at least that will give the people of the first district in the city an idea who this feisty woman who dares challenging a seemingly undefeatable incumbent if we have to base it on his consanguine affiliation and resources for campaign utilization.

Meanwhile, we are hoping that the other congressional candidate who is aspiring to end a Duterte hegemony in the first district, will issue some statement about him or anything that will allow us to get even just a snapshot of his person so we can share it with the people in the district for them to have a more learned choice of the person to represent them in the national legislature.

We hope as well to get from incumbent Polong Duterte who happens to be a “Kumpare” of ours when we both sponsored a wedding of a barangay captain’s daughter, a rundown of what he had done in Congress and what more he intends to do for his constituents so we can present it as well for the sake of fairness. We and the congressman are both residents of Catalunan Grande.

One very visible landmark of Congressman Polong’s term is the expansion of the Catalunan Grande Road and the improvement of the Catalunan-Tacunan road. No one can deny that these are through his initiatives.

But of course the two multi-million (or is it billion?) projects are funded by the national government under the Congressman’s father. So, what is he there for if his government cannot provide his son the needed support?


It is disgusting to hear some supposedly well-meaning lawyers shouting at the top of their voices to demand from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) the immediate setting of the hearing of their petition to postpone the election on the guise of protecting the health and safety of the Filipinos from the CoViD 19 pandemic? Is it for a show for instant recognition even just for a limited period of time?

Or, are they working for the vested interest of certain groups who would be benefitted if the elections are postponed? These lawyers sure knew that elections are set by the highest law of the land, the Constitution. Any move to alter any provisions thereof cannot be done by just any Tom, Dick and Harry.  It needs a Congressional action seeking amendment to the Charter so that what some people want to do will be clothed with all the authorities needed for its pursuance.

And here come these lawyers wanting COMELEC to tinker with the Constitution so the condition they perceive of the country can be subordinated to by a body Constitutionally-created. The gall of these well-schooled but poorly perceptive men!


In Davao’s second district a candidate is desirous to topple a dynastic reign perpetuated by a family. We agree to the wisdom of this aspirant if we have to still believe in an earlier promise of a national official seeking to end the dynastic rule in the country.

We however, have some doubts as to the sincerity of this candidate’s intention. After all, this early he is already starting to lay the foundation of his own dynasty.

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