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ROUGH CUTS |  Where the polls will be fiercely fought

Vic N. Sumalinog

IT IS confirmed. 

     Yes, and we mean the promotion of former Police Regional Office (PRO) 12 director P/Brig. General Michael John Dubria to P/Maj. General now. His promotion came only after a few days since he was moved to the Police General Headquarters in Camp Crame to head the Directorate for Intelligence. We had the opportunity to meet last New Year’s Day one of his trusted men while still head of DCPO and even until now. It was he who confirmed to us the information we earlier got from another friend. 

     Well, for any good man it can only be expected that he has no other way but up. Reward will always follow the good deeds, And P/Maj. Gen. Dubria is not bereft of such performance.

     As we said time and again we have yet to meet the guy personally although we continuously monitor his activities wherever he was assigned in the past and hopefully in his future tours of duty. And without General Dubria has convincingly redeemed himself from the initial doubts on his capability when certain terrorists managed to surreptitiously enter Davao City and left their bloody trail by bombing the Roxas Blvd. night market when he was still the DCPO director.

     We are looking forward to another star and God willing one more. The general has three more years in service before his mandatory retirement. 

     Meanwhile, we have observed that the current DCPO chief P/Col. Kirby John Kraft is also doing exactly what General Dubria did during his time. That is, bringing the policemen close to the people they serve and making them feel they are there to protect them. Col. Kraft is also institutionalizing the DCPO outreach program with children as the object of attention.

     We would not be surprised if someday soon, stars will alight on his shoulders.


     No sooner than the report of a spike in the number of new CoViD cases in Metro Manila and elsewhere in the country Davao City Hall immediately issued Executive Order No. 69 extending the validity of a nationally issued mandate for all government instrumentalities starting from the barangays up, not to hold or allowed its functionaries or the public to hold any close personal contact activities until September 12, 2022.

     We have no doubt that this is one measure intended to prevent the possible surge of the highly infectious virus in this part of the country.

     Yes, Mayor and now Vice Presidential aspirant Sara Duterte-Carpio might have realized that we cannot afford to let go the relative safety of the city from the pandemic. In fact we should not let go the distinguished honor of having twice experienced the milestone of zero CoViD infection last December 17 and 19, 2021.

     Of course the issuance of the Executive Order is some kind of a step backwards after we have been given and enjoyed the relatively relaxed restriction of movements during the whole of last month. Hence Davaoenos will be going back to a more guarded mobility. But making such a small sacrifice could help us a long way in possibly curbing the CoViD influx in our city. Such little sacrifice will definitely go a long way in safeguarding the health of the people.

     So it is much better to give up a little of what we have slowly gained than be seriously sorry latter.


     From the looks of it even the elections for local positions will be fought fiercely in the social media. 

     It is not surprising since it is possible that every voter has his or her own gadget with him or her anywhere he/she goes. Yes, cell phones, lap tops, I-Pads. And voters are most likely friends to everybody. So the battle grounds would be these gadgets and the munitions will be any or all available platforms. And it would be the politicians’ trolls, hired or plain volunteers, who will be fighting it out. It will be truth versus lies or between the wisest, shrewdest or dumbest crafter of campaign propaganda that can convince netizens who are either too trusting or gullible.

     And of course the mainstream media would still remain the most credible venue of discourse considering that it has all the spaces to allow the explanation or “sweetening” of an issue or issues to favor certain candidates. And issues raised in the mainstream media do not just come from any Tom, Dick and Harry unlike the social media. They emanate from people of known credibility in the media circle. So it is much easier to discern which issue is truth or closer to it.


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