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HONORING MY MOTHER | The search for the happy 2

WITHOUT a doubt, it is our nature as humans to indulge in a never-ending search for whatever it is that qualifies as our satisfaction. We naturally long for happiness, contentment, peace, love, and all the other intangibles out there.

Perhaps, this is what sentient beings like us are meant (or cursed) to do, to find meaning not only in our existence, but in all else that we pursue. Then, after seeking out other necessities we need to survive, we turn to other functionals, the basic, even the banal and finally, whatever else is there that is meant to suit our earthly materialistic fancies and fantasies. 

But, enough of that already. In this 2021 year’s end, what do YOU seek? 

I don’t know about you, but for our tiny fam, since the start of December, we have frantically been searching for a decent fruit tray that my matey plans to fill, to serve as the central piece of both our Christmas and New Year tables with. None of that usual philosophical man’s search for meaning, or peace on earth and giving love on Christmas day platitudes. This time, just a tray. 

A tray for celebrating this second year in the Covid era, as well for all the trials that we had to endure. I reckoned that may account for something. The fruit tray, plain and simple, might as well qualify as our own trophy-cum-certificate of accomplishment despite another year under the pandemic. If you will, peace, love, happiness and all other intangibles may also be melted down into that one simple, plastic fruit tray. 

Earlier, we’ve decided to put up decorations this year, after years of rain-checking Christmas celebrations. As such, we have installed holiday lights and even converted my guitar case into a Christmas tree. Having a fruit tray, which we haven’t yet done, completes that trend.

However, it was not easy. As early as the first week of the month, my partner had been hard at it, trying to picture and plan out what we could bring to our table and next, what food to prepare for the family compound Christmas day lunch. We’ve always had fruits in our many yule celebrations before but we have never really had an honest-to goodness fruit tray to place all of them in. Now, it might as well also be the representative manger of sorts for all the blessings and gifts we’ve to be thankful for this Christmas. The small blessings have proven to ease the mental burdens we have had in this pandemic.

Problem was, we had to search high and low for the tray (as though it were the Grail) and were just about ready to give up. We first tried online, got the run-around from sellers who pretended to have them available, but in truth were only keeping us on the line, while they searched elsewhere. Then we tried the big malls. No luck there too. As a last resort, we went out again yesterday and made the rounds of all the open shops in the local market. As we were about to go home frustrated again, in one small retail store that was already about to close for the evening, my mate’s eyes lit up. A fitting end to our search for meaning.


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