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THERE is a Christmas party in the neighborhood and almost everyone is in attendance. A raffle that promises to give away the most attractive gift prizes has been a particular attraction and everyone is bent on winning them. At the same time, a community watch group has just announced at the start of festivities that a group of suspicious-looking men has been seen, riding around inside the vicinity of the subdivision. Weeks before, it had been wracked by a series of thefts and home invasions so that there was reason to worry. Someone attending the celebration has however assured revelers that police had already been alerted. This message was passed around like a cold so that in a few minutes, the party had moved on as it had earlier. The need to worry was no more. 


Fake news. There had been no party of course, just a sober analogy of where we might be at the present. However, with Christmastime just a few days from now, there might as well be parties going on. 


Meanwhile, believe it or not there is such a position as misinformation scholars. These people seriously study behavioral patterns in particular situations of extreme uncertainties such as wars and pandemics. In this instance, they state that the return of conspiracy theories, in the context of the latest variant is only natural because, during times of uncertainties, turning to conspiracy theories mentally deviates us in accepting the reality that covid still exists and not yet really beaten.  


The coming of Omicron is one such conspiracy plot, despite medical evidence that points to it as being a true threat. Interestingly, because it comes at a time when everyone seems to be finally getting their old lives back, people tend to disbelieve it. Consider our present reality of having lesser quarantine restrictions, lesser Covid-19 transmissions, and the availability of vaccines all around. If these aren’t indications of a return to normalcy, what else is there left to consider? And then, bummer of all bummers, enters Omicron. One can be led to think, are we being played? 


For all that they’re worth, what these theories push at the table are not even based on proofs. If one looks close enough, what they do is merely advance nothing but opinions and agenda, nothing more. Then, for the rest of us, the thought of returning to our ordeals and sacrifices during the early times of 2020 as compared to now, when better days seem to be within reach at last, is just so difficult to comprehend. So near and yet so far, others like to say.


In this particular time of the year where just about everyone has made plans, travels, reunions and Christmas parties loom large in the horizon. While others seek a return to shelter, it is understandable that others will opt to leave the cave. As in the earlier analogy, it’s always up to you if you choose to party. For others who’ve seen covid up close, there’ll always be another time.


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