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HONORING MY MOTHER | Another long December

IT HAS become all too familiar. I’ve already heard a few say that, uncanny or not, both the 2020 and 2021 runs of the pandemic seem just like a roller coaster ride. While perhaps that may be so for these few, they be up and down, or here and back again sensations, their impacts on other people had been superglue-type permanent. 

Especially for the lesser fortunate, there is no riding the wave on this one. Not only lifestyles had been changed, precious lives have been lost and throughout this short period of just two years, the impact has been widespread. Through this uncertain journey with still on end in sight, the roller coaster comparison, on the whole, almost seems like an insult. Even with the year not yet over, each day that comes dries the ink on 2021 as already past tense material. Unless chariots from heaven or other miracles manifest themselves in the remaining days, the year is just finishing touches and nothing more.

And what of this latest variant, Omicron again? As I have mentioned in an article at about the same time last year, everything about the pandemic is beginning to feel like a real-life version of that fictional Jumanji game. So, gross as it may seem, we might as well look at the variant in the same way; treat it as a more difficult and latest level. What else is there to do? Tragic or not, expect that “welcome to a new level of Jumanji” meme anytime soon.

Along with this, also expect a stirring of the hornet’s nest and the parade of conspiracies regarding the new variant. I’ve originally titled this ‘New variant, New conspiracy’ but thought better of it. The reality is out there already and our friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist has been busy at it again. “Omicron is the latest tool in an effort to control us all.” 

(By the way, as a side story, I just wonder, how come foreigners in our village are not wearing masks anymore whenever they enter stores in the neighborhood or drive by the streets? Do they know something we don’t? Like the same unheeded request to do something about an increase in the population of stray dogs in our streets, might we again add this to our Christmas list so, paging the attention of Catalunan officials!)

Meanwhile in one part of the world, in Perth, Western Australia, we watched a video of a recently-concluded street celebration. No masks and no social distancing whatsoever in a throng of thousands. It should be remembered that since the beginning of the pandemic, Perth has virtually closed its doors on everyone, including fellow Aussies and the results are clearly imprinted on film. The faces on the short video say it all, Hakuna Matata. They might even allow Mariah sing to her heart’s content on its streets and Christmas time will still come to the fine city. So, what of this new variant again? How I just wish that like them, we just followed the simple rules, even at the minimum instead of fretting again about another long December…


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