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Ed Priete’s MFF 2021 Entry – “Isolation”

Title of the Film: Isolation
Genre Psychological Thriller; Narrative

A woman is recovering in a COVID-19 isolation facility waiting for the day when she will be
discharged. While she spends more time in isolation away from her loved ones, the days start to
repeat themselves. As odd things start to happen in the facility, she must try to maintain her grip
on reality and keep her mind from unraveling.

Director’s Statement
I produced the film while my sister and I were in a COVID-19 isolation facility. To cope with the
isolation we were feeling during those 2 weeks of recovery, we made a short film that reflects
the loneliness, depression, and anxiety that was slowly crippling us during our stay.

With nothing but a mobile phone and a little bit of insanity, we were able to capture how some
COVID-19-positive patients may feel when they have to spend 2 weeks in a facility: the days
start to blend together as if you were stuck in a loop, each longer than the last, and the last day
feels like it may never arrive. We’d like to thank the Davao City Sta. Ana Isolation Facility for taking care of us during our stay there, the front-liners who risk their lives every day, and the silent voices who spend days in isolation to protect the people they love. Padayun ta! (Let’s keep going!)

Main / Key Cast Members and their Character
Winnie Priete as Herself
Carlin Don Elorde as Caller
Prince Ed Priete as Child
Name of Crew and their Designated Roles
Ed Priete – Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer
Director’s Name: Ed Priete

Director’s Bio
Edwin “Ed” David J. Priete is a 22-year-old Communication and Media Arts student of the
University of the Philippines Mindanao. A filmmaker, director, editor, writer, and videographer
based in Davao City, he and his film production team, Duwende Films, have garnered multiple
awards and recognition from local, national, and international film festivals and competitions.

Duwende Films
Mobile: +639686684255
Email: edpriete23@gmail.com | ejpriete@up.edu.ph
Complete address * Block 32, Lot 5, NHA, Ma-a, Davao City, Davao del Sur, 8000

Movie Poster (Size 300dpi)
Picture of the Filmmaker/Director
Movie Trailers
Director’s Video
Behind the Scene Photos
Film Stills
Downloadable Link of the Full Short Film

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