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Thamara’s fascination of Egyptian culture 

WHILE most of us Davaoenos long to travel abroad and see the world, leaving our county has been next to impossible in this Coronavirus pandemic. That is why, for us who welcome stories related by friends who travel across continents, it is worth listening to the adventures of friends and looking at the photographs shown to us.

It was during our visit to the Arabian Room of Mary Ann Tirol Kimpo that her daughter, Thamara (Tammy) related her fascination for Egyptian culture, history, and tourism. Because of her overflowing enthusiasm to share her experiences, we thought of passing on to others her story and pictures during her Egyptian trips.

“Tammy is half Arab”, her Mommy, Mary Ann Tirol Kimpo tells us.  So her Middle Eastern nature is drawn to places closest to her heart. “The fascination started in 2018 when I went with Mama””, Tammy tells us. ”The history, the temples…you get transported to another world. Like a movie, with their rituals, their beliefs, their stories, their attire. I love the movie Cleopatra. She is one of my inspirations as a strong woman, feminine and diplomatic. When I went to Hatchepsut Temple, I learned about Queen Hatchepsut, the first queen of Egypt and how her uncle tried to erase her from history, just because she was a woman. But her temple remained intact and was not forgotten even in death.”

“I am fascinated with history and archaeology. Even the Roman Empire is an interest, but I still didn’t go to Rome to explore. In Egypt you can see the cross between Roman Columns and Egyptian pyramids and the influence of Christianity over the years in the walls of the temples along the Nile.”

Tammy has more to share “I am pursuing comparative religious studies. The stories of Moses and Jesus are my favorites. We visited the church where the Holy Family hid. Egypt to me is a vibrant country, a melting pot of different races and people because of tourism.  People are friendly and happy, just like in the Philippines. I feel at home there. That’s because I know the language and the music. Egypt is the film, arts and culture hub of the Middle East. They have opera and theater and a big cinema industry. They are the entertainers of the Arab world.”

Tammy experienced going on the Nile River Cruise. “The Nile River Cruise for me was like the Titanic, with luxury suites, a ballroom and a big dining room. Egypt is magic!”   During her last visit, she stayed at Giza Pyramid View Inn, a boutique hotel in Giza, right in front of the pyramids “…and the view was priceless!”

Tammy holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Major in Behavioral Science and Health Promotion from New York Medical College. She is presently pursuing a PhD course on Public Management, Major in Public Health Science online.

Her fascination for Egypt and Middle Eastern culture continues as she is again leaving for Egypt before the end of November.


Marilyn C. Roque 

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