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Mary Ann Kimpo celebrates 70th in Middle Eastern setting 

HAVING spent thirty-three years of her life in Saudi Arabia, Mary Ann Tirol Kimpo wanted to reminisce on some of the reminders of her unforgettable stay there, especially on her 70th birthday this October 2021. 

Mary Ann worked in Saudi Arabia as a medical laboratory specialist for thirty years after working for three years in the Philippine Heart Center for Asia and three years in Permian General Hospital in Texas, USA. She raised her two children, Thamara and Tariq (Tammy and Ricky) while she was in Saudi Arabia. 

“Ali and I have two grandchildren and another on the way,” which she considers “a blessing in our old age.”

Mary Ann’s daughter, Tammy, is half-Arab, but she was born in the USA. She is very interested in Middle Eastern history and culture and she thought of bringing Arabia and Egypt to her residence here in Davao city, as her gift to her mom.

The Arabian Room, conceptualized by Tammy, also includes Egyptian items, as she confesses to a fascination with Egyptian history and tourism. She says, “Egypt is the film and arts and culture hub of the Middle East and they have opera and theater and big cinema industry. They are the entertainers of the Arab world.”

When we asked Mary Ann what her wishes on her 70th birthday were, she answered “Good health for everyone, peace, and always to remember God is here with us guiding us to do His will.”

Among the interesting items displayed during our visit to the Arabian room which was arranged by Tammy, assisted by Sarah Sendiong, were Egyptian and Arabian outfits, headgear for the Bedouin men and women, Sisha (hubbly bubbly) coffee, and special cups, and lots more! A dressing room was provided in case we wanted to try on the outfits!

 A birthday cake was the centerpiece of the display, baked by an engineer, Rosyl Lopez who had been to Saudi Arabia and owns a place here in Davao, Ciao Dulce. There were bouquets of fresh flowers and big balloons to complete the setup.

Because of the pandemic, there was no party, nor guests, only the immediate family,  Tammy, Maryam, Ali, Johann, and Tammy’s daughter, Tara Francesca, unlike the celebration two years ago when guests enjoyed the “mini piano concert”, karaoke singing, and a sumptuous dinner.

Mary Ann’s siblings are Thelma, Ramon Jr. (Jun), Barbara, Amelita (Letlet), Johnny and Philip. Her parents were Judge Ramon Escalona Kimpo and Edna Elsie Gonzales Tirol. 

And because beautiful memories of the past come alive in this Arabian Room, it will stay as long as the family wants to see it and will be ready to invite friends as soon as there is no longer any threat brought about by the pandemic.



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