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Plain and Simple | Election fever

SO MANY things to write. So little time and space.

First in my list is the rising cost of the gasoline and commodities. Two weeks ago gasoline was just 48 pesos. But today it is 65 pesos. One friend said gilipatlipat man ta.

Without the consumers knowing, the gasoline dealers raised their prices to10 pesos and more. And this is a lot for their pockets to fund the elections of this and that. Once the sardines was only 16 pesos. Today it is 23 pesos. Kadako sa gitubo! Omg!

Increasing at the expense of the poor is not only unjust and unfair. It is greed to the max.

Understandable that with business you pay salaries and bonuses of workers, perks and other benefits of officers and middle managers plus the companies’ social responsibilities. 

But businesses have piled up their profits at the expense of their workers and the consuming public. Workers, the rank and file, have not received any substantial increase enough to sustain a family of 4..

I bet many of them do not have decent houses they can call their home. Not much budget for other basic needs. While businesses have changed luxury vehilcles every now and then, their workers have a hard time making both ends meet.

Added to this is their sipsip money to fund the election of favored candidates. 

All businesspeople give funding to these candidates.  So they anticipate their profits before these candidates hit the road to campaign.. Increasing their products by a peso means millions in profit. How much more if it is 10 pesos. Kadago gyud.

Second is on the face shield. Do we really need it. Go to the malls and almost all have face shields as required. But the shield has lost its perpose. I really do not find it necessary in our fight vs the virus.

The mask maybe yes. But not the face shield. 

The face shield is a plastic and throwing it in our garbage means a problem for our environment. The shield means additional expense for the ordinary person. Spending 20 pesos every day means additional expense for the poor. And for what? 


Regular washing. Taking a bath or shower is a lot better and more thrifty for the daily income earners. Look at the garbage collectors, they collect garbage but they remain safe from the veerus. Why?

Do not really know why and I don’t pretend to have the answer. But from the looks of it, shields do not make them protected. Waste of money and sobrang discomfort especially for ashmatic.

Plastics are our priblem. Cities and LGUs do not have the solution to the plastics. And this face shield. It adds to our problem of gathering them and disposing them properly.

Aside from these is the concern of tarpaulin beung used by politicians. All of them use tarps in promoting themselves. This means tarps will be all over. What do we do with them?

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