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ROUGH CUTS | Jockeying for slot in local Admin ticket 

Vic N. Sumalinog

 We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who greeted us on All Souls Day. It was heart-warming to be able to still read the messages. We believe there is no newspaper and social media in the great beyond. He, he, he…


     This billionaire Sen. Manny Pacquiao, in trying to justify his “vote buying” spree every time he goes out in advance campaigning, says he should not be chastised for his “generosity” because ever since he became a top money earner in boxing he has been giving money to people.

    Manny should be taught how to delineate his giving of the usual “balato” from the multi-million winnings, from that of doling out cash after filing his certificate of candidacy, especially that for President. The money he is using for the dole-out, although it still is taken from what the senator may have won from his boxing matches, is not anymore out of his immediate purse. And in his previous “generosity” there was no other motive behind it but to put something on the many arms with open palms begging for a crumb from his income. And when he gives money now, it is clear he already wants something in return – the recipient’s vote. Whether the boxer-senator likes it or not, it is one subtle way of skirting the so-called vote buying methodology.

     Of course, there is a chasm of difference between a mind-using boxing champion to defeat his adversary inside the ring, and that of a mind-using President in leading his country. The former only has to use his mind to enhance his skill and in finding or creating the best opportunity to win a fight. The latter is of course using his or her mind in balancing the interest of the nation and in all the deals he has to enter into or use as tools in developing the country and the lot of the people.


     In Davao City we would not know until the sample ballots are printed as to who are in the official line-up of the administration. What we have now are names of candidates claiming to have been endorsed by the leader of the parties posing to be against each other. We have the names of people in the city’s three congressional districts all claiming to have the endorsement of Mayor Sara, thus they claim to be part of the local slate of the administration.

     On the other hand, there are those who filed their certificate of candidacy for councilor positions who are clearly not identified with the ruling Hugpong ng Pagbabago. It is likely that they may only be waiting if they can be included in the official list, or hoping to be carried officially in the ticket of the better of the three other candidates for mayor of the city. We are pretty sure that if these filers could not get into Mayor Sara’s line-up they expect to be officially carried in the ticket of the opposition groups like that of Ruy Elias Lopes, that of Dr. Elizalde, and those of the two others. That is, if indeed they will be able to come-up with some kind of a ticket.

     Truth to tell, however, those who have filed their certificate of candidacy may already be fervently hoping they’ll be included in the final list of names under the administration ticket. None could have been wishing to be part of the opposition. Why, because they see the futility of it all to be identified as against the present local dispensation. Besides, being with the party with the most moolah is one big assurance of being able to campaign in every corner of the district he or she is trying to represent. Outside of it is some kind of a political suicide. That is, aborting their political rise even before they can attempt to make a take-off.


     Political mudslinging is now the dominant post of social media. Though there is no clear allusion there are already statements that are laced with insinuations making the reading population ponder as to who is being referred to.

    The other day we read a post saying that he is very much against having a gay President. Whoever is the Presidential candidate being insinuated to, we can only scratch our head. Is there really one, or two? 

     Assuming that there is one or two candidates and if any one of the two wins, is being gay enough indicator that this gay President is not a good leader and is not capable of effectively leading the country? We do not think so.

     Of course this one claim of a Presidential candidate’s supporter is revolting to the stomach. This leader, if he or she is to successfully lead this country, he/she must be brave. Meaning the candidate is not one who runs away from any fight if it is for his leadership style and for his country as it is for himself. And the focus was on a candidate who escaped from the Philippines while a warrant was issued against the said candidate while he was still facing major charges in the Philippines. So, that is brave for you?                                         






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