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Six barangays tagged as high risk

Photo Credit: Davao City Tourism Facebook

THE city government has identified six barangays as high risk because of the number of COVID-19 cases even as the number of cases has lowly gone down.

Although no barangay was identified as critical risk based on the community quarantine matrix report, the high risk barangays are 1-A, 25-C, 29-C, Malagos, Tigatto and Ula.

Other barangays are identified as moderate risk because they are near high risk ones include 7-A, 9-A, 11-B, 14-B, 19-B, 20-B, 28-C, 30-C, 33-D, 34-D, 38-D, 39-D, 40-D, A. Angliongto Sr., Atan-awe, Bago Aplaya, Bago Gallera, Baguio Proper, Balengaeng, Biao Guianga, Bucana

Buhangin Proper, Cabantian, Catalunan Grande, Catalunan Pequeño, Communal, Eden

Indangan, Langub, Maa, Manuel Guianga, Matina Crossing, Matina Pangi, Mintal, Mulig, 

Pampanga, Rafael Castillo (Agdao), Riverside (Calinan), Sto. Niño (Tugbok), Tacunan, 

Tagurano, Tapak, Toril Proper, V. Hizon Sr.and Wilfredo Aquino (Agdao),

Also identified as moderate risk barangays are 2-A, 22-C, 24-C, 32-D, Calinan Proper, 

Gumalang, Lacson (Calinan), Los Amigos, Mandug, Matina Biao and Tugbok Proper,


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