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ROUGH CUTS | Soon the jockeying for inclusion in the magic 8 


WE GOT hold of some brochures and other print materials about a new political party that will soon be registered (if it’s not yet) with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) for accreditation. The political group is reported to be a product of several consultations among Non-Government Organizations, businessmen, professional groups and other “nameless and faceless” individuals who want that, first and foremost the interest of the Filipinos must be served first before anyone or anybody else. It is carrying the acronym PPP for Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago. 

The motto seems not new to us. We have heard of this sometime back from someone and somewhere. But whether this motto is old or relatively new we do not mind. Our take is that it is working towards giving the Filipino people the first shot at any development that such party intends to introduce should it be given the mandate of the people to have its candidates be elevated to the seat of power.

For now what we are, or will be doing is to dig deeper into the history of the evolution of such party, know who the initiators of the group and what are its programs of government and how it intends to carry these out given the kind of politics that is prevalent in the country for the longest time already.

We will be writing more and providing our in-depth take of the party as well as its chances of getting into the mainstream politics as soon as we have the needed information. But initially, as far as what we have read in its brochure and the answers given to the FAQs the party deserves any right thinking Filipino’s support.


Talking of politics and elections, we’d like to have some of our initial observations in the local scene shared with our readers. By local scene we mean the political development and scenarios evolving in Davao City, the home city of the President.

From a well-informed source closed to the local power brokers, we have these personalities who are reported being recommended for Mayor Sara’s endorsement to carry the Hugpong ng Pagbabago  Party this coming May 2022 polls. We have no doubt as to the truth of the list as we ourselves have been thinking about these names before. In fact we have been writing about them except for one who surfaced lately and whose name came to us as a surprise. 

According to our source these are the most likely persons whose names will be placed on top of the lady mayor’s table for consideration as her endorsees for the first district alone.

Former Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag, a transferee to the first district from the third; Small Abellera, the daughter of Mabel Sunga-Acosta (the one that surprises us), re-electionist Quitain, Edgar Ibuyan Sr.,  the son of Boni Militar, Joanne Bonguyan, Pamela Librado-Morata, a certain Suarez whom we have yet to know and reportedly a Polong guy, and Braga the daughter. 

Our highly knowledgeable informant also told us Mayor Inday is contemplating on including among her party’s endorsees a media personality. When we were told of the name we immediately agree that the choice is perfect and the person, knowing his background, is winnable. For now we are not at liberty of divulging his name but when the guy finally decides and makes it official, his candidacy is definitely worth our and every first district constituent’s support.    

However, we are giving him our cent’s worth of advice being an elder of his in the media industry. 

He’d better look back and do a serious study of the latest local election history in Davao City. So many candidates got their hands raised by the local political gods indicating that they got their endorsement. But how many were chagrinned when they found out their names were not included in the official line-up forcing them to campaign all by their lonesome or beg with the ones listed officially to allow them to join in group campaigns? This is the reality in Philippine politics, be it at the local or national level.

We can only hope that when this person decides to take his chance he would not end up a discard. But we can assure him of our full support, not financially of course. We do not have the means.


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