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TIMESMAN | Cured by the vax!




CONTRARY to negative reports circulating that COVID-19 vaccines are not safe and “more dangerous” than the virus causing the respiratory disease, I would like to share with those who, until today, continue to doubt the effectiveness of the vaccines. 

Although in the present clinical trial there is no mention that Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine may also cure other diseases, but only to prevent COVID-19 after completing the two doses in an interval of three weeks, the chronic pain at the lower part of my back suddenly disappeared the moment I was injected with the first shot on June 29.

And what is surprising to me after July 20 of being fully vaccinated, the bald spot at the back of my head is beginning to show new black hairs appearing. 

Yes, there are side-effects Pfizer material revealed: (1) sakit, pamamaga, o pamamaga sa lugar ng iniksiyunan, (2) pagkapagod, (3) masakit ang ulo, (4) sakit ng kalamnan, (5) panginginig, (6) sakit sa kasukasuhan, (7) lagnat, (8) pagkahilo o pagduduwal (nausea), (9) masamang pakiramdam, (10) pamamaga ng lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy). Mayroon din mahabang tsansa na ang Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine ay maaaring maging sanhi ng malubhang allergic reaction, na karaniwang magaganap sa loob ng ilang  minute hanggang isang oras pagkatapos makatanggap ng bakuna.

But in my case, nothing of the above side-effects suffered by me except a minor pain at the area where I was injected that lasted only less than 24 hours.

I will not belittle the claims made by Dr. Romeo Quijano, a retired professor at the University of the Philippine College of Medicine, that COVID-19 jabs are not effective and safe because I am not a doctor. But to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque he called the doctor “pekeng eksperto.”

The doctor might be correct based on what he believes on the virus. The presidential mouthpiece can’t claim he’s correct in calling him “peke” because he is a lawyer and has no background in the medical profession.

But what I would like to emphasize here is my personal experience after completing the inoculation. The vaccine cured the pains in me and “miraculously” let my bald head had its new hair again. Although I have yet to know if the vaccine really works in preventing the virus from infecting me!

At any rate, I am joining the government in its call to encourage everyone to take advantage of the free vaccination. 

Maawa kayo sa inyong sarili at sa ibang tao na mahawahan dahil sa katigasan ng inyong ulo!

If they do not want the vax, let it be. But think of the other benefits it had to me and might also work for you, especially to people suffering from back pains and loss of hair.


I envy Health Secretary Francisco Duque III for being the darling of the Palace after he was publicly defended, for the second time, by President Duterte on the mounting calls for him to resign over the Commission on Audit (COA) reported “deficiencies” in the management of P67.32 billion funds allocated to the Department of Health (DPH) to fight COVID-19.

Duque was defended by the President on several occasions in the past over the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as alleged corruption in the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.

But while I agree with the President when he said: “When COA says there’s deficiency, it does not mean that the money was stolen, deficiency is really in producing the necessary documents,” I am suggesting why not let  Duque file an indefinite leave instead if the President doesn’t want him to resign? Magpalamig muna siya.

With the controversial health secretary temporarily out of the public scrutiny, the volatile issue might slowly become silent like what happened in many of his trusted men who the President himself ordered resign when suspected of doing fishy in their respective cash funds. Natahimik ang ingayan hindi ba?

By doing this, President Duterte will be spared from the many headaches in his administration; and the public suspicion that he’s hiding a skeleton in his closet may also die down. 

Mawawala ang problema mo dahil madaling makalimot ang mga tao.


I can’t predict the outcome of the Manny Pacquiao-Yordenis Ugas fight in Las Vegas on Sunday because I am not an expert analyst in the sport of boxing and the truth of the matter I am not a fan of any of them.

But I am sure that when the fighting senator returns in the country, another fight no longer in the ring but in the Court of Justice is waiting for him – this time, to defend his allegation of corruption in the DOH and other government agencies. 


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