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HONORING MY MOTHER | Different strokes




NOT too long ago, one television network had for its slogan ‘where you belong’ and many have subliminally associated with it since. It could be that in today’s uncertain times, the question of where one belongs is still much needed and indeed, one’s leaning is both timely and especially-important, as it could be a matter of survival. 

The way things stand these days, different types of people have prominently come up from out of the smoke of this pandemic. And the most vocal among these have been those who are still openly opposed to the vaccines. Not for long though.

From what could be gleaned from what is already happening now, those who have refused to believe and take the vaccine face a different kind of tough road ahead and in the future. For one, some establishments have already imposed that only people who have been vaccinated can either enter or avail of their services. In the country, while the number of people being vaccinated have increased day by day, the common rule that caters to any majority, is surely not far behind. It could also be a possibility that in the future, activities related to employment and traveling from one place to another might require the presentation of the vaccination card in order to serve, as common as one would submit an identification card or ticket to gain access. 

On the medical side and more important, those who have already been vaccinated stand a better chance at surviving a bout with Covid-19’s Delta Variant. This has been proven in the US as well in other countries, were majority of the fatalities were found to be among those who have not yet received the vaccine, or refused to be vaccinated.

On the other hand, there are those among the ranks of the vaccinated who seem to pose as equal threats to the continued-spread of the virus and its variants. In essence, these are the ones who act as though they’re already exempt from catching the virus, much less contaminating others they have come into contact with as well. The most probable new victims or carriers contaminated by these could be family members or others in close proximity. Already, many can be seen in their posts on social media, either on the road, going back to work, not anymore observing social distancing and engaging in group gatherings.

Finally, one would not expect that the last ones who would dare throw caution to the winds, especially in this time of variants, appear to be some of those who have survived a bout with Covid-19. A scary thought is seeing some of these neighbors who reportedly survived covid, go around nowadays, without even wearing masks and other protection.  

Counting all these types, we need not wonder anymore. Just like any story that one could say is continually being written and told, day by day, the plot thickens on this one.

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