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HONORING MY MOTHER | A little bit of this… Topia




SOME may consider it as something out of a movie, but it has already been around for so long in western countries: a law officer randomly asks for papers or passport, then checks your name on the onboard computer system in their car. Once the information on your passport or papers is cross-checked and verified, you move on your way. Any violation committed by you, be it traffic or otherwise that may have already been encoded in the system will surely appear in the random check, so you’re practically done for. 

In our country at the present time, one can say that this is no different to the National ID system, which a lot of our countrymen have already registered in. However, this is where we end this discussion, as it’s just meant as backdrop for what’s to follow.

Consider the Covid-19 Vaccination card that is presently issued by health officials once one gets their shot. Aside from the usual personal information written there, the type of vaccine administered, by whom and at what dates, these complete the contents of the said card. As it is, this will be no different from the usual identifications that we carry: employment ID, social security, passport, and even ATMs which carry bits of data about us.

Already in social media and other news outlets, several establishments have begun advertising that they are giving special discounts and privileges to already-vaccinated individuals who present them with these cards. One could look at it two ways: it could be these establishments merely want to entice more people to patronize their businesses, considering that their clientele numbers have drastically gone done since the quarantine period began. A second theory would be that these establishments are all in support of the present call to have everyone vaccinated, as once this is accomplished, we can then all return to the perceived normal.

The implication is huge. Already, there are reports coming out that those who hold Covid-19 vaccination cards may be allowed to venture outside. In the process, this may indirectly be discriminative against those who have not yet been vaccinated or those who refuse to be shot. Needless to say, they’re not covered by any food discount either. To be clear, the premise (others say rationale) for the present turn of events is this, in any social gathering or function, will anyone be agreeable to the presence of someone else who will pose a possible threat to the health of everyone in attendance?

On a personal note, we as a family have firmly put our foot down on the prospect of visiting the residence of anyone who has adamantly refused to be vaccinated. Sorry. To be clear, the decision to be anti-vaxx will always be a personal expression of freedom to be anything. However, as they say, freedom isn’t free. One also has to accept that. The discussion therefore of this being a direct affront to freedom is thereby moot and bordering on stupid. Birds of the same feather it’ll always be, in the context of not having someone turning Zombie and eating us all.



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