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ROUGH CUTS | DCWD’s new corporate image




WE EXTEND our heart-felt congratulations to the Board of Directors, the Management and of course the work force of Davao City Water District (DCWD) for launching lately an invigorated, innovative and proactive communications strategy in reaching out to its customers in Davao City, the very reason of the water firm’s continued existence. They are now walking their talk.

     Yes, the board which we believe is still under the chairmanship of philanthropist businessman Eduardo “Ed” Bangayan, and the management under Engr. Edwin Regalado could not have thought of any better way of gaining the accolade of the people some of whom may have some kind of estranged feeling with the water agency because of some lapses or weaknesses in its service.

     The strategy we are referring to is the one lately which has been aggressively pursued by DCWD using social media platforms so it can send its messages to the customers all over Davao City in real time.  Somehow, the men and women who are largely involved in the scheme are under the guidance of our good friend lawyer Bernard Delima. It is carried out effectively by spokeswoman JC Duhaylungsod ang ably assisted by Jerell Leonida backed up by the company’s communications and IT teams.

     We have also noticed that lately the water district has been very sensitive to customer complaints finding time to reach out to customers to provide explanations or seek apology.

     To us, this kind of actuation is enough indication that the agency is getting to realize that the continuous improvement of its service is the one that will further the life of its business.  As we used to say at Davao Light, another public utility firm like DCWD, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the key to corporate success.

     We are certain that if this kind of customer relation is maintained by the water agency, the people would be willing to consider, perhaps even forget, some small service infractions which in the past until recently have always been the irritant between the company and its customers.


     Here is one other example of how fast Sen. Manny Pacquiao shifts position or preference given the opportunity to enhance his popularity and most likely his financial stability.

     It can be recalled that some months or a year or so back, the Senator boxing world champion was an endorser of a synthetic medicine, in capsule form, intended to cure body pain. He even slammed the way some liquid medicine is being applied telling his audience how cumbersome it is to rub it on their outer body.

     Fast forward, there was a little lull and the next time we saw the senator endorsing a medicinal product he was already pushing for a popular brand manufactured by a Cebu-based pharmaceutical company. He is now hailing to high heavens the soothing feeling when the medicinal liquid is rubbed on a person’s body especially when its solution  heats up on the skin.

     But the catch is, this time he is also changing his tune on the effect of the kind of product he previously endorsed. According to Pacquaio ingesting the capsule could result in a serious complication on the intestine; that its ingredients could damage the intestine thus resulting in the excretion of blood.

     Now, what would it make of the Senator’s loyalty if by chance he becomes President or an official higher than what he is now? 


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