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PPEs provided to hospital with COVID-19 cases




Medical frontliners receive PPEs from Bryan’s group at the height of the pandemic.(Mindanao Times File Photo)

THE city government has provided assistance in the form of personal protective equipment (PPEs) to private hospitals that admit COVID-19 patients and those that have COVID=-19 bed allocation.

Based on the city government report, the PPEs including 6,000 N95 face masks, 6,000 face shields, 3,400 boxes of other kinds of face masks, 23,000 foot covera, 5,700 head caps, 13,600 isolation gowns, 9,000 PPE suits and 600 boxes of gloves will be distributed among seven hospitals admitting COVID-19 patients and nine others with COVID-19 bed allocations.

The number of PPEs is based on the number of beds as there are 196 beds for hospitals admitting COVID-19 patients and 120 beds for those with COVID-19 bed allocations. The assistance is also in response with the request of the Department of Health for more PPEs for private hospitals.  

Those hospitals that admit COVID-19 cases include the Davao Doctors Hospital, Metro Davao Medical and Research Inc., Davao Medical School Foundation, San Pedro Hospital, Adventist Hospital Davao, Malta Medical Center, Inc., and Medical Mission Hospital. Those with bed allocations are are the Alterado General Hospital, St. John of the Cross Hospital, Anda Riverview Medical Center, Cure Philippines Inc., Davao Mediquest Hospital Inc., Gig Oca Robles Seamens Hospital, Holy Spirit Community Hospital, Isaac T. Robillo Memorial Hospital, and Ricardo Limso Medical Center, Inc.

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