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AS INSINUATED by many a growing number of social scientists like Sinek and Francisco, whining and moaning seems to be the most distinguishable elements in the soundtrack of teens or generations Y and Z today. Many will surely refute this. For one thing, on the subject of face to face interactions and interpersonal relations, the overall expression of the youth tends to be dictated by their most constant companion other than their kind, the internet. Unlike the older generations, they have been born with it. 

As such, this introspective weakness, when eventually brought to the workplace, becomes detrimental to the hum of the overall machinery, especially when companies will still have to take a step back in order to re-train these newbies into the ways and thinking of business and industry, and more important, assuming leadership eventually. As we let that sink for a while, blame it on Sinek, who also studied cultural anthropology, as he has lengthily discussed this, in both interviews and papers.

Now, while this has surely rattled some cages, let it first be known that the idea of what ails the present generations has been going around for a long time. As it is, there had always been a gap that naturally existed between each generation, but this has not been considered as founded on the basis of either enmity or antagonism. This critique of the young gens may appear as deviating from this norm, yet it is actually of the same.  Perhaps it may even just be the result of the availability of online messaging nowadays that this flak against millennials has become widely known and circulated.

Through it all though, while one can say that millennials can generally be bunched up as such, I am not in total agreement. I still cling to that traditional belief, if you may, that everyone is unique. Generalizing is extremely easy from the bird’s eye view, but once on the ground, the extremely intricate workings make up for our being complicated individuals.

Still I could state that the whine and moan theory of Sinek and company is pretty near the bullseye, as it applies to some Y and Z’s I personally know. However, one still has to factor in elements like education, environment and even culture, in order to wean away from their harsher assessment. On the subject of profiling, it may be helpful to note the general observations of these so-called sociologists and other experts as they try to categorize people. However, we may treat their theories as a rough guide perhaps? Never treat them with absolute finality.

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