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FROM THE MAIL | Never Forget the June 25, 1989 Digos Massacre




THIS 25th of June marks the 32nd anniversary of the bloody Digos massacre. It was one of the most terrible instances of human rights violation done by the CPP-NPA. 

A small church at Sitio Matti, Barangay Binaton, Digos City, was painted with people’s blood on June 25, 1985. At the height of a Sunday service, members of the CPP-NPA invaded the church and murdered innocent civilians. 39 innocent civilians were killed brutally, mostly children and women.

32 years ago and the memories are still fresh making a heart bleeds imagining the grief of the victims’ families. Did the CPP-NPA pay for this heinous crime? 32 years after the massacre, this crime remains unpunished and the victims are still seeking for justice.

Did the CPP-NPA show any remorse? Instead, they still continue their killing spree and brutal oppression and the number, unfortunately, seems to be growing.

Such as the Digos massacre and all the inhuman acts of the CPP-NPA are the reasons why our government is so serious in its campaign to end the CPP-NPA to bring justice to victims and finally achieved peace and development. 

If we truly love democracy and freedom, we must help and support our government’s efforts. This is the best we can do for the victims of the Digos Massacre and all the victims of the CPP NPA.

Aren’t these enough for you to open your eyes and mouth, or should you wait for another Digos Massacre?

Gab Daguio



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