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PLAIN AND SIMPLE | To vaccine or not




THIS is not the question anymore. The only option is for all, if possible,  to be vaccinated.

The other morning I was glued to Malacanang meeting with Secretaries involved in this Covid thing. The meeting seemed urgent and was presided by the president no less.

Three doctors, specialists on Covid 19 virus including the so-called variants, explained to the president with figures including the Delta variant which they said is stronger.

The president seriously listened to the briefing of doctors and his mind was thinking of options for our people. He went to Secretary Duque for statistics but he referred the matter to Sec Galvez who was comprehensive with his report.

Sec.  Galvez acknowledged the tremendous help of the CBCP, its bishops and priests, the religious men and women. He profusely acknowledged their help especially in dealing with the informal sectors (mga squatters ba).

I was glued to the facial reaction of the president with this report and the president was quiet. He seemed happy with Sec. Galvez’s report. Galvez went on to report to the president the number of those vaccinated and the quantity of vaccines pouring into the country. This guy is ready for his report. The president was satisfied with Sec. Galvez’s report. 

But the president turned down the request of Sec. Briones for the return of the face to face classes. The president declined the DepEd proposal. Given the new variants, the country cannot afford face to face classes. Sec Briones heeded to the wisdom of the president. No face to face class.

Listening to experts giving updates on new variants which are stronger, the president did not have the option: ALL MUST BE VACCINATED. This is why he wanted to ascertain the reports and updates of experts including the suggestions on how to deal with it.

I see the exasperated face of the president given the new variants of the virus which has also entered the country. So far though some 67 pinoys contracted this Delta strain.

But one report irked the president: to listen to the stats of those who do not want to be vaccinated. For the president, all must be vaccinated. No other option to take given the new cases of those infected by stronger virus, but to be vaccinated.

He may be joking when he said in that meeting that if they do not want to be vaccinated, he will do it with them with a vaccine for pigs and animals. It was a joke though but the president was exasperated with reports that many do not want to be vaccinated.

It took me months to discern before I finally decided to be vaccinated. I asked my brilliant doctors, all former students, and they all told me “get one sir . Asap”. Whatever the Asap meant I thought of others than myself, and that it is safe and best for me.

One doctor , the former number one student leader of all student leaders in Davao, messaged me with long explanations why I needed to be vaccinated. My former student is now a faculty of UP College of Medicine. He graduated first in his class in DRAHNS in Matina, graduated Magna Cum laude in San Pedro and went to UP for his medical.course.

The other owns a medical hospital in the province of DavSur. He too graduated with latin honors in San Pedro Magna Cumlaude. He chose to be with his town in Davao Sur. A doctor for the barrios. 

The other is a new found doctor Dr Arnold Pasia, a cardiologist. Like the other two doctors, Dr Arnold gave me a go signal for a vaccine.

But one truth that gave me the drive to be vaccinated was the decision of my daughter to be vaccinated. She asked me to  bring her to City High for her to be vaccinated.

I need not underscore the obvious. Two weeks ago I got my vaccine. And I feel so good.


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