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THE day of dads may have come and gone but I am sure, it still may have left some bits of sparkles in the hearts of all fathers, including those stone-cold but bleeding hearts out there.

As they say, it don’t matter. They be a case of dad’s not here, dad’s in Heaven, dad’s just far away at work or dad’s drowned in soup, in the end, it’s basically all the same. Father’s Day is the only day dedicated solely to him and that is the more important thing. 

We visited my dad yesterday, although I doubt if he was even aware that it was Father’s Day. I figured he must have thought it must have been just another ordinary Sunday, but that is the way it rolls everywhere with super seniors like him, I guess. The softest brioche we brought him however, I am sure he’ll always remember, and next time, that would be our tag when we remind him of his dad celebration.

I likewise reckon that know Father’s Day as celebrated differently with each family, and in spite of all its perceived global popularity (and market value) across social and commercial media, not to mention all the shopping mall come-ons at this particular time, there of course is the more intimate celebration happening within each family unit that is practically unseen. As such, I’m not going to ask how each one celebrated your special day or your dad’s special day. That will be your own treasure to keep. I will never forget what a friend had teased, “let’s not keep it as public as your food pics, shall we?” Darn that guy.

I remember us celebrating Father’s Day in far-away Australia a long time ago. The house we lived in happened to be situated across a wide park that for most of the year had always been empty. All except for Father’s Day, that is. On this day, the park is suddenly alive with barbie time for nearby neighbors who come out to enjoy a picnic. It is there, one gets to see dads coming out of the woodwork to play with their kids. Funny thing, come nightfall and then for the rest of the year, it is once again quiet and deserted, back to its old pristine self. 

With that, this is why I like the day right after Father’s Day better. It’s the opportunity to play back all that had transpired the day before, with everything still fresh in my mind… or thinking back to the other Father’s Day that had come before. While for some fathers I know, it is definitely back to the grind despite the pandemic, everyday feels like a weekend for most of us, retired seniors. How a few of us wish the rest of the days would be declared as grandchildren-playing-nearby day. I think that would be better than what a meme on social media has suggested: It is Father’s Day. The rest of the year is Mother’s Day.


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