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HONORING MY MOTHER | When the grim reaper comes a-calling




THE perspective of only wishing for positive things in the immediate future no matter what, seems common among everyone. Without even being aware of it, we project it in all that we do. 

As such, nobody intentionally aims to fail at anything so that goals, much like expectations and targets, no matter how small, make up as the markers for this positive outlook.

Opposite this, we tend to avoid the not-so-pleasant side of things, and try to avoid brooding over them lest we be jinxed. This is usually the norm, unless of course, one is already knee-deep in the unpleasant rut, that positive things seems as unreachable as the sky above. 

It is in this mindset where grim topics, such as death, are relegated deep in the dark recesses of the mind and are seldom brought to light, as in ordinary conversations. Unless of course, it concerns someone else outside our personal circle.

Just the other day, a friend living nearby told me that our provincial governor had finally passed away, after a long confinement because of covid. Then, he exclaimed, 

“Tinood gyud diay ang Covid no?” (So, Covid is really true after all, isn’t it?) 

With that, I just had to laugh half. Then recently, a fellow musician in Luzon reached out to sadly tell me that a common friend of both of us had succumbed due to complications from COVID-19.  

Not at all funny this one, for I had never any doubt at all about the pandemic and I know how people were coping despite doubts by others. With twenty-two thousand plus already dead in the country and almost 3.8 million globally, I still could not comprehend why some would think that covid isn’t real. 

As if statistics and news were not enough, does it really need a famous person or a politician to die of the virus, for some people to finally pause, take notice, and then ask if the whole pandemic was indeed real?

Surely, in the political arena, grim matters such as death and lockdown measures have once again become favorite topics by those who wish to throw their hats in next year’s electoral exercises. This one is funny though. No need to be smart has really become the standard fare for the moment because it is still way too early. For the time being, just allow the people to know that you are still relevant, prominent enough in their eyes and then let recall do the rest.

While this circus revs up, I wonder, are everyone taking this all in? So hard to only think of positive things, with this and the pandemic still around, right?

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