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Philippine Independence Day at SM

One of the most important milestones in Philippine history is the declaration of our independence as a nation. It is the time to celebrate our heroes.
And there are many modern-day heroes – the frontliners who serve the community during this pandemic, the work-from-home warriors – parents who juggle work and childcare, and practically all of us who have experienced various challenges in the past year.
For 2021, we propose to free ourselves momentarily from our worries and stress. Be it work deadlines, bills to pay or a general anxiety, we say – take this occasion to care for yourself and bask in your “me time”. Let these days be called your “New Days of Freedom”.
Here’s a list of activities SM Supermalls has lined up this month:
1. Pinoypreneurs in Action. Check out our Pinoy bazaars with tenants & exhibitors offering a host of Filipino food, gift ideas, local crafts, artsy souvenirs, and Pinoy Pride masks. Snag early holiday buys for your relatives and friends abroad!

2. Pinoy eats. Enjoy safe al fresco dining spaces and choose from cafes and restaurants serving regional and local delicacies.

3. Kalyelympics. A Pinoy-inspired online game, “Jolen” was developed for this special occasion and can be accessed via QR codes at the malls’ designated dining areas. Complete all 5 game levels and get a chance to win SM gift certificates and fun gifts from our mall tenant-partners.

4. Be A Hero, Get Vaccinated. 45 SM Malls now serve as vaccination centers in service of the community and in partnership with their LGUs from Tuguegarao in North Luzon to CDO in Mindanao. Sign up and be registered through your LGU to get vaxxed. It’s your contribution to our goal of a Covid-free country. Plus, Bakuna Benefits from our tenant-partners await those who show their vaccination cards!

This June, we invite you to be thankful for the simple fact that the Philippines is a free country, and to celebrate your own personal freedom in a truly Pinoy way, with laughter, food, a good bargain and the confidence of knowing you are safe and protected while visiting any of SM’s 76 Supermalls. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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