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I GOT my second vaccine shot today. So now I am wondering, have I played into the impish hands of my waiting anti-vax friends? It is time for them to start counting how long will it take for both the virus and the nanotech implant to start playing the game of tag inside my bloodstream?

Then, is it true that Google can now automatically lock in on my whereabouts by way of Global Positioning System tracking because of the nanochip that is supposed to last forever? I myself am very excited to find out.

As a personal experiment, I am also planning to buy a strong magnet so I can find out if it is true that the area in my left arm, where I got my second shot, is now magnetized. A US-based chum had also suggested that I check myself out for radiation. So extreme. I feel like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes right now, as I think of all these things.

As for my other friends in the anti-vax shadows, I still have to hear from them. So far though, not a peep.

I recall many months ago, they had wanted to see how things would turn out once our country had procured and distributed the vaccines among the people. When they learned that myself and others had our first shots, they insisted on waiting for this second and final dose before treating it as the starting point for observing how effective the whole process would actually be.

Now, it may indeed be a matter of wait and see for my doubting Thomases pals, but for me, it’s “pass your papers, finished or unfinished” time.

I proclaim, I totally believe in the whole shebang of getting shot…with the vaccines. I have sought the advice of doctor friends and they all agree that it’s for the good of everyone. No matter how many out-of-this-world conspiracies they shower it with, studies coming in have proven vaccines to work.

I believe that it will help us all and more important, protect our loved ones especially our children.

While it’s fine that they see the likes of us as lab rats in this whole pandemic thingy, I’m not doing it for them anyway, and definitely not doing it to save me.

As I said, let’s wait and see.

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