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ANALYSIS | On Davaoeños’ preference, attitude and behavior towards available COVID-19 vaccines




THE UNIVERSITY of Mindanao Institute of Popular Opinion conducted an online survey from May 18 to 27, 2021 targeting Davaoeños from the three districts of the City to know their attitude and behavior on vaccination, their perception on how vaccinations are rolled out, and their preferred vaccine brands. Since the survey was done online as physical contact was not allowed during the time of conduct of the survey, IPO relied heavily on online survey of Facebook users who are residents of Davao City, at least 18 years old, and are targeted for contact within the defined geographical radius. A total of 1,200 respondents were contacted in random and systematically targeted.

Davaoeños were asked whether they trust the COVID-19 vaccines available. Results show that Pfizer (66%) and Sinovac (63%) are the most trusted vaccines by Davaoeños. Meanwhile, the other vaccines have the following trust ratings: AstraZeneca (59%), Moderna (58%), COVAX (42%), Gamaleya (Sputnik V) (40%), and Novavax (35%). When asked which vaccines they would prefer to be inoculated to them, Pfizer (30.9%) and Sinovac (22.2%) are the top choices while 17.7% of the respondents do not mind what vaccines to be used. Most of the respondents also supposed that it would still take a while before they can be vaccinated. Probable waiting time for them to acquire the vaccine is 5 months, so they believed.

Respondents were also asked on their perceived effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing them from contracting the disease. The survey revealed that 3 of 10 Davaoeños are fully confident that the vaccine works while 4 of 10 are hopeful that the vaccine would work. On the other hand, almost a quarter (25%) of the respondents, is still doubtful about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Davaoeños have a mix bag of feelings when asked if COVID-19 vaccines will be able to stop the pandemic. Though many are only a little bit worried about the effectiveness of the vaccines, 33.5% of the respondents conveyed that they are still very worried that despite the vaccine, the pandemic would still continue. In addition, 31.3% are also very worried on the possible adverse effect of the vaccine to the body.

Respondents were also asked on their attitude and trust towards the government relative to the promotion and disseminating information to the public. The results revealed that 6 out of 10 Davaoeños trust the vaccine/s provided to them by the government, 6 out of 10 trust the information they receive from the government about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination.

Also, around 5 of 10 said that their indecision to be vaccinated is influenced by media and social media reports. Finally, 6 of 10 Davaoenos believe that the government does its best to acquire the best vaccine for the people.(UM-IPO)

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