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ROUGH CUTS | Can this be a diversionary tactic?




NOW IT can be told. All buildings with enclosed offices and cubicles are prone to the presence of the deadly CoronaVirus 19.

And this assertion by health authorities is proven lately in Davao City when the local Inter-Agency Task Force on CoViD 19 issued a bulletin identifying work areas where most infections on workers and people having transactions there were reported.

Sadly, the most notable among these structures is the Sangguniang Panlungsod building of Davao City. In fact, to show the gravity of the situation inside the said building all offices including those of the councilors and the administrative staff have to be closed for some time. In other words, the entire legislative building is being locked down and has to be sanitized.

This move was resorted to after the local health authorities tasked with monitoring the CoViD 19 situation in the city found out that some employees of certain offices located inside the SP building were tested positive of the virus.

As a consequence of the lockdown, the City Council has to temporarily stop holding face-to-face sessions to ensure that none of the Honorable members and the councilors’ staff get infected by the virus.

The other local government offices that are housed inside the same building are also temporarily shelving their day-to-day transactions. But those who have pending schedules of document and other requirements submission are advised to just drop their papers in designated boxes at strategic locations outside the building.

But the city, of course, wants to ensure that payment of taxes and whatever fees attendant to any transactions with the city government will not be put on hold. The taxpayers are advised to proceed to the nearest district offices of the City Treasurer’s Office and make their payments there.

On the other hand we saw on the list of most affected workplaces by the CoViD such establishments as Call Centers and even banking institutions. We hope that the local civil and health authorities can find means to obviate the furtherance of the vulnerability of these business institutions to the deadly virus.

For certain these offices or business centers will continue to be magnets to a lot of people as these are hosts to many employees as well as those engaged in financial transactions for the survival of households and the economy as well.


We have this feeling that the ongoing seeming squabble in the administration party PDP-Laban could just be a strategy to mislead the opposition into erroneously focusing their tirades on people or prospective candidates for the top two highest positions of the land from the real ones being eyed on.

Yes, in Philippine politics, the strategies adopted include those being used in winning a game of chess or game of the generals. And the most effective is by bluffing and successfully making the enemy bite the bluff. Thus, we can deduce it from the various posts in social media that the opposition and other administration critics are ganging up on the President himself, those people he had earlier mentioned as potential endorsees, and on the supposed crack in the administration party.

Meanwhile, there are more discerning political observers who are looking at other personalities who could pull a big surprise when the time for the filing of certificate of candidacy comes. And none of the personalities we have in mind is in the radar of the opposition so far in their heightened throwing of political projectiles.

As any right-thinking strategist is aware of, anyone in the administration – or even outside of it — who is silently working and accomplishing his tasks may be unknowingly piling up his own credentials that may have been closely monitored by well-meaning party leaders. This could be his or her ticket to the endorsement for him or her to run under the administration banner.

After all, an aspiring politician with this kind of credentials is not difficult to build up and to “sell” to potential fund donors, big or small. He or she does not also require a hard sell to the people because his credentials will do it for him.

Two of these persons we are looking at are former Presidential candidate Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro and Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar. You may have yours, too, who are more real leaders and less politicians.

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