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HONORING MY MOTHER | Dealing with mortality




FOR three days running, I have been the unwilling recipient of anti-vaccine information as these have plunked their way mysteriously (or not) into my homepage, leading me to ask the famous Facebook question, “why am I receiving this?”

Coming in video format, several news clips and transcripts of online interviews of supposed medical professionals and such all hint at a motive; even if at least half of these unwelcome news bits have come from friends and acquaintances.

One particular video showed several subjects who have received the vaccine putting magnets in their arms which showed that these stuck firmly. Their conclusion, that they have been implanted with microchips that somehow eventually lead to the biblical anti-Christ can only be deemed as the product and the merry mix-up of science fiction and religious belief in action.

What is doubly amusing, is that in another video report, a French Nobel prize awardee in Medicine, Luc Montagnier was reported to have said that all vaccine recipients will die within two days. Of course, this report had caused quite a stir all over and I myself actively searched the net trying to verify the report’s claim. I only stopped when I discovered that all the sources hinted at in the info (via Twitter) was either down or have all become unreachable. This to me, smelled like nothing else but fake news.

True enough two days hence, the web was again set ablaze with disclaimers that the Frenchman-doctor had sadly been misquoted, meaning his statement had been taken out of context (although I believe that malicious hands were at work on this one.)

Irritating as all these may seem, I can only think of the impact of such false information on other people. If we were to think that if in ten people, only one or two believed in such fake news, the damage will still be significant. These two can readily spread it to ten more, gaining two more believers and so forth. In a gross way, fake news spread like the virus.

Talk about people active in their workouts. I have read this somewhere and it seems very true on the above: the only exercises some people ever get aside from running late, skipping responsibilities, and pushing their luck, is jumping to conclusions.

In the end, it is as if we are not all in this together. Perhaps they have a backup vehicle or UFO of some sort that will whisk them away while we, vaccine recipients all perish, I don’t know. Their motives escape me, and they persist.

The sad thing is, some people I know believe all this information; that having the vaccine is having the virus inside you so that you’ll eventually die. Here in Davao, there’s even a radio commentator who’s airing his views on Covid and it’s not really positive, in the positive way that we originally know what positive is. Whatever.

Perhaps, all these stem not from our fear of the virus, but from fear of death itself. It’s that flailing reflex we see whenever one’s near-drowning. In Tagalog, it’s “Damay-damay na.” (All for one, one for all? Haha)

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