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IN THESE most uncertain times, a much-needed shift in direction, much like a sudden turn perhaps, or a pause even, might as well be the next logical thing one could do in order to maintain a steadier footing.

In a funny way, the image in my mind’s eyes of a lechon (roasted pig) turned towards its still-uncooked side while on a spit, comes to mind, but that’s not what I had first thought about when I mentioned sudden turns.

While it likewise reminds me of a saying in the local dialect that directly alludes to being cooked in one’s own oil, I assure you, if that were a lasting impression, then it’s all in a good way. So, what am I driving at?

Apparently, a fellow musician had messaged me over the weekend, and invited me to play in a latest pet project: a cover recording of a famous Doors song, all for the sake of fun and perhaps, a cure for quarantine fatigue. Without a moment to spare, I hurriedly got in touch with the guy who put it all together, familiarized myself a bit with the music piece again, and then agreed to the most convenient time to record our baby.

All in all, we finished my part at two takes during one Sunday afternoon session. And then much later, all the recorded segments, with some parts recorded as early as March, were melded together by none other than Mr. Pete, our most-able musician, 80s aficionado cum tech, bar and studio owner, and my new friend for the finished product that’s really worthy of YouTube. When you can, please check it out and give it a listen. It doesn’t end there.

On a personal side, going back to playing again (even if for a short while), with Covid’s coming and the quarantine that ensued, is such a refreshing feeling. Generally, any return to being what you were is, and will always, be a good thing.

A musician buddy had said it long ago when we last met. Once a musician, always a musician, with the context of this being, a lot of our original batch who played along with us in Manila had gone on to other things and had forgotten about music.

Still, whether it be in music or not, if one thought about it, returning to one’s roots has a soothing feel. Moving on or moving forward does not really make any journey more complete. The thing that completes it is one’s connection to what once was, your roots to the past. It might make one nostalgic at times though, but that’s all right.

Truth is, even after the recording session, the feel of being re-energized had remained a while, a fix like no other. At this, the once-mentioned topic of the roasted pig turning in the spit, returns again, just like that one of being cooked in one’s own oil.

However, in this instance it’s now a good thing. After all, there will always be sweet fire to be found in any return to the past.

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