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EDITORIAL | Pandemic woes




SINCE March last year, our normal life cycle has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the slight shift to more movement, many are still staying at home, working or studying.

Over the past year, we have seen many changes taking place from the early social media contests to the greening of the city by plantitas and recently, the mushrooming of community pantries.
Many have complained that the activities at home are limited to eating and cooking, watching a movie or TV series, tinkering with the computer, doing some gardening and sleeping.

With time in their hands, young people on Facebook complain that the change in their sleeping habits has made them feel sluggish the rest of the day. According to health experts, during deep sleep, which normally happens at night, the body also starts to heal: memories are consolidated, learning and emotions are processed, physical recovery occurs, blood sugar levels and metabolism balance out; the immune system is energized, and the brain detoxifies.

We all have experienced not getting enough sleep, especially now when most of us are anxious of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our lives.

Also, over the past decade, we have seen the dramatic shift in the lifestyle of young people who have more choices when it comes to work or play. With the rise of the BPO industry or the home-based online service providers, young people today work in different time zones. This disturbs the normal waking and sleeping patterns which affects the health of our new generation workforce.

There are studies that show disrupting the natural rhythm of our bodies, may cause mood disorders and cognitive problems. The medical journal Lancet Psychiatry published on May 2018, a research conducted by a team led by University of Glasgow psychologist Laura Lyall, showing that “disruption of sleep and circadian rhythmicity is a core feature of mood disorders and might be associated with increased susceptibility to such disorders.”

Even if we now have the luxury of choosing when we want to sleep, we should be mindful in taking care of our rest time so we can maximize our productivity even if we are staying at home.

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