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ROUGH CUTS | ‘Cool ka lang Senator Pacquiao’




BIG WORDS this Sen. Manny Pacquiao spoke on two different occasions some time ago and only lately.

Yes, when there were reports of a series of bullying in the United States of Asians by some Americans, Pacquiao dared that he wished those who did the bullying make a mistake of doing their thing on him and not on hapless people who cannot fight back. And they’ll get what they want.

But senator, who will ever get the mistake of bullying you in the U.S. when your face is common fair everywhere in that country. Besides, the prospective bullies will not even have a chance of meeting you on the streets or just being alone anywhere.

You’d definitely be on board your luxurious sports car that may be heavily tainted to hide you from the public. And we also know that when you are out there on the road to do your routine jogs as part of your practice before a fight, you are also escorted by a retinue of bodyguards masquerading as fellow boxers and sparring partners plus a number of media people wanting to get a glimpse on you and desiring a statement for or against your adversary.

Besides, you know very well that as a professional boxer you cannot just get back at anybody who has harmed you or attempted to do such, because under the rules governing boxers you are prohibited to do so. And you know as well the repercussion if you go into such action in your boxing license even if it is for the purpose of defending yourself.

So, “cool ka lang” and instead introduce legislation that can assure protection of your fellow Asians in the U.S. and elsewhere. That way you are doing what is expected of you as senator of the republic and not as a professional – and champion – boxer at that.

And recently from out of nowhere you came up with a statement chastising the President for his wanting action in the West Philippine Sea issue with China.

You said that the recent pronouncement of the President which somehow took a dig against China for that country’s bullying our fishermen and its incursion into our territory as defined in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is “far from enough” if reckoned with what you said his campaign promise to go to the WPS islands “squatted” by China on board a jet ski and plant the Philippine flag there to show that the islands and the sea are ours.

It is our firm belief that you or your advisers may have interpreted the then candidate Duterte’s statement literally. Mr. Senator, clearly it was a figure of speech which means if he becomes President he will do everything in his power and allowed by circumstances to resolve the territorial dispute.

Now you are boldly saying it is wanting. Apparently you want more aggressive moves. But Senator Manny, have you forgotten the lessons in your craft – boxing? Isn’t it that in a fight between two equally expert boxers with the same weight class, it is not always the speed and power of the fist and feet that matter? Is it not that who between the two has the better and faster thinking on when to attack and when to be defensive has the better chance of winning convincingly?

We hope that you are still aware of that rule because if the President adopts your way of thinking then the country is risking to be the wick of a deadly conflagration. In this situation the braggarts are already trying to draw the President to follow their line.

And one little mistake in the President’s decision could further stoke the fire of jealousy burning in some other countries that are threatened by China’s emerging economic and military power in this part of the globe.

In other words, we are talking of Western countries, primarily the United States, making the Philippines a pawn to be sacrificed in their efforts to retain their colonial dominance in Asia.

We believe the time has come that both the Western and Eastern bloc countries are slowly feeling that a new Asian hegemony is rising on the horizon with China on the lead. And this could mean a serious bargaining chip that could influence the balance of economic and military power in the world.

So. Again Senator Manny, “chill ka lang.” Don’t push too much of our fortune to the wall, or to the ropes if you wish. The President very well realizes that he has the lives of more than a hundred million Filipinos to worry about if he wants to accede to your desire for more aggressive moves against China.

Perhaps you and your advisers are being waylaid to the wrong direction mainly because of your political ambition – the Presidency. But you may not have any inkling that with the President using your suggested option your big dream may end up broken into smithereens.

It is not even far fetched that China could bring havoc to us even without firing a single bullet should we come to a serious enmity with that country. Just ponder on this: the economy of the Philippines is virtually controlled by only about ten to fifteen percent of the country’s population — the ultra-rich who are controlling almost every large conglomerate here.

And who are the richest people? Only one blue blooded Filipino in Manny Villar, two Spanish (or Americans?) in the Ayalas and Razons. All the rest are Chinese who band around their Filipino citizenship. But where do you think would be their loyalties when the time comes? Tell the people.

They surely are long prepared for such eventuality. Easy for them because they have already flown back to China substantial portions of their investments such as malls, construction business, banks, and others.
That is why the President may have taken the more diplomatic tact than the riskier Pacquiao and his ilks’ option – the aggressive approach.

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