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RANDOM THOUGHTS | Wanted: A Historical Novel of Davao Attention: Historical Society of Davao City





I’M NOW at the “departure area” of life. As I review my life, I realized that one of my unfulfilled dreams is to write a historical novel of Davao – my second home.

Hence, I wrote this article challenging the Historical Society of Davao City to answer this call. Undoubtedly, this is a laudable undertaking.

My main reason for such a project is to make Davao be known worldwide. And one way of doing this is through an interesting and educational strategy that was employed for Alaska upon its acquisition as one of the states of the USA. Having said this, let’s now proceed discussing this proposed Novel.

A “Novel”, per Webster, is a “Relatively long fictional prose narrative with more or less complete plot”. My proposal is to follow my favorite historical novel writer James, Michener’s style. Michener is the author of many bestseller historical novels such as “Hawaii” and “Alaska”.

The proposed Historical Novel on Davao will have a one-word title “Davao” to be designed using indigenous motifs. The Novel will be composed of three (3) parts namely: 1) Pre-Spanish Era 2) Development Period, and 3) Third Millennium Based on the criteria of: 1) Popularity, 2) Influence, 3) Contribution, 4) Controversy and 5) Style, the three (3) personalities that will be featured in each three (3) periods stated earlier are: 1) Datu Bago, the warrior, 2) Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. the Pioneer and 3) President Rodrigo R. Duterte, the Political respectively.

Part One will start with a Big Bang – the explosive Eruption of Mount Apo. It will end when the Spaniards came to Davao and established a “Plaza Complex” urban settlement in the place.

Part Two will start with the creation of Davao City by Congress and end during the People Power Revolution in the country.

In this proposed Novel, facts and fictions will be intertwined to make it interesting and educational to readers. We must aim to make the a Novel a bestseller for it to be an effective instrument in promoting Davao to the world. This way, we envisioned Davao to be an area for investments and a favorite global tourism destination aside from being a livable city.

The unique features of Davao such as Mount Apo, the highest mountain peak in the Philippines, its national bird – the Philippine Eagle, it’s rare and beautiful flower Waling Waling, “king of the Fruits” – durian, several indigenous tribes, and gold-laden mountains and other areas of interest, must be scholarly presented in the Novel for obvious reasons.

Undoubtedly, this Novel will require wide-ranging and scientific research work. Concerning the funds needed for the writing, printing, promoting and marketing of the Novel, the number one sponsor I have in mind is the Davao City Government. Hopefully, this local government unit will be involved in this exciting project.

To the Historical Society of Davao City, please make my dream come true. However, let me stress that this dream of mine is not about myself. It is about Davaoenos who boldly and passionately work day – in and day – out, protesting and developing their God – given fertile land. It is also about our wonderland that shelters and provides our families peace and prosperity. May our Lord Almighty continue to shower His blessings to our beautiful people and amazing homeland.

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