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PLAIN AND SIMPLE | Bringing out the best in us




YES, it is a paradox. Hard to think a pandemic can bring out the best in us.

In March last year, we were literally locked down. Fear shackled us. Given those images of people dying in hospitals due to the Covid 19 virus, we were stunned. We too were confined in our houses afraid to mingle even with our neighbors.

The Covid scare went on a rampage when we were given video shots of people falling literally dead on the streets. The fear in us heightened.

We really were hooked to the fears that maybe the virus would be in the corners of our gates or if we go out would stick to our dresses or hairs.

The fear heightened to become paranoia. Friends and neighbors do not come near you. Not in one or two meters. And was there anyone who really had the knowledge how the virus would spread. OMG!

So people had to keep their sanity. They had to rediscover and reinvent themselves. The rediscovered farming, gardening among others.

Others rediscovered their friendship. Friends and neighbors had time for each albeit talking 2 meters away from each other.

March; April and May. They stayed in their respective house. Pundo sa balay. Pagtigum ug kwarta seemed practical and real.

With cash assistance from the government and some goods delivered they thought everything would be fine.

But not for long. First not all in the barangay received assistance. People, the masons, carpenters all daily wage earners needed to work.

So they worked. If they want to survive and live they have to work. So off they went looking for jobs. They had to work.

Taxi drivers all considered frontliners. From March up to now, they drive their taxis. And though with the lesser income they did not complain. Life had to go on. Ask them if one of the taxi drivers was infected with the virus.?

No, they said. No, maybe because they did not have undergone some tests or they simply became stronger to face the virus. Funny, but really they don’t believe in this virus.

But this virus is real. However this has not paralyzed people. They went on their way trying to earn their keeps. They do not want to be paralyze by this pandemic.

Though the government is stricter with its regulations, the reality is the traffic from Bangkal to downtown and from Buhangin to the center is bumper to bumper. Whew!

Some rediscovered their passion for music and arts and writing. They have ample time to express themselves feeling the.muses blowing inspiration in their minds. They have all the time.

A political leader was right. Rediscover the forgotten passions that, as former Polyok Castillo often said, are relegated in the dustbin of forgotten memories..

We pray harder that in the midst of this pandemic we find life as vibrant as the mountains of Balutakay in DavSur.

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