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EDITORIAL | Expecting a surge?




A BRIEF scan of what happened over the weekend everywhere only requires a rudimentary knowledge of technology, in other words, the simple browsing on Facebook. Mayor Sara Duterte said in her radio program that we have to brace for an expected surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, even as the National Interagency Task Force has classified the city as low risk early this week.

Maybe one year of being cooped in our homes has caused a strain in our overall health and wellness that a tiny window of opportunity to venture out has become irresistible. After all, who does not want this pandemic to be over with? But at what cost?

We are all at risk – at all times and wherever health protocols are not firmly in place. It is easy to be complacent when we are with family, friends and coworkers, believing that no one from among our circle could possibly be infected. This trend of thought has been debunked so many times over the past year, yet the practice continues. We let our guards down too often, forgetting how vicious this virus is, especially to those who are already immunocompromised.

In the last week of December last year and in the first two weeks of January, the city witnessed the highest number of cases. True, there were no big lavish celebration of the yuletide season, there were no big gatherings in offices and other public places, but families do have reunions, some people need to go to Church

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