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HONORING MY MOTHER | Almost there, but




A KIND of impulsive behaviour or complex exists, that while common among everyone, is mostly noticeable in the realm of sports, among athletes or those engaged in some other activities which involve competition.

The German term “Übermut” is closest to capturing the essence of that sudden urge to hurry and be reckless as one gets closer to finally achieving a task or a said goal.

These moments of micro decision, wherein throwing caution to the winds, letting go off the safety, and just blindly rushing to the finish line no matter what, is seriously isolated by trained coaches and experts as the critical seconds where one’s complete concentration is needed the most.

Local boomers in high school may even be all-too familiar with the ‘haste makes waste’ disciplinary diatribes some teachers of long ago liked so much to impart after each student slipup, which in turn sadly comes with actual punitive actions.

Oddly enough, that behavior of übermut peeps through and threatens to come out again these days. Taking note that although it has almost been one year since the global lockdown, this time is much different, with finally a bunch of anti covid19 vaccines slowly made available (and some members of the population already vaccinated).

In spite all these, the urge to be hasty and reckless still consumes and takes over most of us. It has not even mattered that, for a time, reminders were put up with some reading, Discipline is the key. Or impatience kills. And last, if not us, then ones we hold dear. While they worked for a while, a case of cabin fever, due to isolation, may have begun to set in among the minds of many.

How unfortunate would it be, if in this moment with a solution in sight, the much anticipated result of a herd immunity becomes taken over by a growing mob mentality, as has become apparently shown in the weeks before, with 7,000 cases in a day. With a most fervent wish that it not be so, if patterns remain unchanged, the rush to the gates might be a reality.

Seems clear enough, several information on vaccines and the processes of vaccinations have been quite explicit: two shots per person, distanced a few weeks apart, with two more weeks before the desired efficacy. That simply means that during the periods after the first shot and two weeks after the second, the usual levels of protection still have to be maintained, as though one hasn’t been vaccinated at all. From the perceptions of some, half a dose means already half protection, and that’s better than none.

And that’s only a minute part of countless false impressions on vaccines. Their supposed after effects, like blood clotting for example, is another; with this one further aggravated by word-of-mouth hearsay amidst already present fears.

On top of it all, the pervading finger pointing from all actors seems like a Mexican standoff, with no Brad Pitt to await in the billing. All are “contrabida” in the serious sense. United we stand, divided we fall. When the smoke clears, who is left to ask, are we there yet?

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