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RANDOM THOUGHTS | The Philippines, The forthcoming book and Gina L.





THE NAME Philippines is a truncated term for Philippine Islands, a direct translation of the name given to the islands by Spanish sailor Bernardo de la Torre who served under the expedition of Ruy Lopez Villalobos.

De la Torre coined the name “Las Isla Filipinas’ for the islands of Leyte and Samar in honor of the Prince of Asturias who later became King Philip II (Who some said died of Syphilis). Later on the Philippines was used to refer to the whole archipelago.” (Adrian M. Tamayo, Ph. D.)

When I asked my friend Adrian who actually first named our country “Philippines” and when, he assured me that he will further research on this. Webster says that “Philip” was “one of the twelve Apostles” while “Philip II” refer to the “King of Macedonia (359-336 B.C.); King of Spain (1556-1558).

Macedonia, per info, was an ancient kingdom north of Greece. Clearly, the name Philip is of Greek origin not Spanish. Webster further explains that the word “Philippic” (double pps) is “any of the orations of Demosthenes (Greek orator) AGAINST (Capitalization mine) Philip, King of Macedonia. “Hence Philippic” is “any verbal attack versus “Philip”. Obviously, the word “Philippic” with double “pps” is not to honor Philip II King of Spain II. “Grabe no”

In Matthew 16:13 of our Holy Bible, it is written: “Now Jesus having come into the district of Caesares Philippi (With double pps), began to ask his disciples saying: Who do men say the Son of God is? “Surely, there is a place called “Philippi” during the time of our Lord Jesus. Furthermore, in “The Epistle to the Philippines (double “pps” again) in the New Testament is states that “the church of Philippi (“pps” also) was St. Paul’s first foundation on European soil.

In the Bible, no doubt “Philippi” (with pps) refers to either a district or a church while the word ‘Philippians” (pps) connotes either to the citizens of the district of Caesares Philippi or faithfuls of the church of Philippi. Thus, no offense to King Philip II of Spain.

My theory is that whoever first called our country “Philippines” must be referring to the above mentioned district or church in our Bible. He or she rechristened our country from “Las Islas Filipinas” to “Philippine (two pps) Island”, most probably in honor of said biblical district or church. He or she must surely know that to use “Philippine” (with double pps) to our nation in reference to King Philip II of Spain will be a great dishonor to our people and country. What do our readers think?

Hopefully our book titled “Healing Our Sick Society”, 2021, will be launched this March. The book will be published by our good friend Ms. Norma Monfort of Davao City. We like to think that this book is a sequel to Rizal’s controversial novel “Noli Mi Tangere”.

Rizal exposed the “social cancer” during his era said “Cancer” which was not properly addressed by our leaders, had developed into a “4th degree social cancer” at present that badly needs radial “political surgery”. Our prescription in the book is to appropriately attend to this “sickness” through real Social Transformation/ To succeed in this challenging task, we Christian Filipinos must initiate of Lord Jesus as “peaceful revolutionary”.

Gina Lopez is one of my idols. The book titles “I Am Gina”, 2020 authored by her close friend Jenic Chan is about her life full of love and service to God, country and family”. It is dedicated to her two children Bapi and Babe “who have unselfishly shared their mother to the world”.

The book consist of eight (8) Chapters. In Chapter 8 “Remembering Gina” her “closest friends and colleagues shared their most unforgettable experience with Gina”. Some of the quotable quotes from her closet friends and colleagues in said Chapter are:

• I will always remember Gina for her can-do- spirit-her absolute refusal to accept that something cannot be done. Not only was she a dreamer she was a doer. (Rose Anne Belmonte).
• She saw the divinity in everyone no matter what they do, how they look, and where they come from a tunnel under a bridge in Estero de Paco”. (Grace B. Eleazar)
• It required a certain skillset to be able to work with her. I think you had to be the extreme. Either you had ADHD (Area Development in Housing and Drainage) or were single – task oriented (Maja Oliveras).
• She was brave and daring. And she taught us to be the same. She believed that one has the power to overcome fear if one sets her mind into it.” (Raqut Garcia).
• You don’t need to please anyone, you just have to be yourself. If you feel something is out of line, just have the courage to say so. “It is healthy for you, it will” it is healthy for you, it will “make you strong. (Paul Vincent Mercado)
Gina Lopez, who was appointed by President Duterte as DENR Secretary in 2016 was a victim of “bad politics”. Gina’s “blood” now stained the hands of many members to the Commission of Appointments who rejected her confirmation due, we think. To “vested interests” and greed. She was a big loss in the Duterte’s administration and to our people as well.

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