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MY PARTNER told me, once at the market, a public transport driver had engaged her in small talk and asked her quite casually if she really believed in the pandemic. (He had reiterated that he has heard of no one getting contaminated inside his circle yet.)

She had replied yes, then proceeded to name a few acquaintances who had reportedly contracted the virus and the number of localities in the city cited by health officials as infected areas. I had added, that was natural enough, the driver might have just probably wanted to hear another opinion, one that might perhaps be outside the orbit of what his fellow drivers believe.

I too have had similar conversations during my few chances at small talk with people. While there are those who need to actively pursue and validate their belief that Covid is a lie, there are others who just need someone who could calm them and allay their fears. During these chats, I’ve noted that people belonging to the former almost always have a lot say, but sadly have very little to show.

How to dismiss the number of covid deaths, for example, that’s the one thing they have had difficulty disproving. Another is to say that whole pandemic is nothing but a make-believe scenario. To this day, they still have not shown where’s the smoking gun. Last but not least, their constant bannering that vaccines are secondary processes to control us seems stupid. This always meets with stiff resistance because no one is listening. Everyone clamors for a cure.

In the end, I am myself curious if they will allow themselves to be vaccinated also, just to be sure. I’m at once reminded of that anti-mask couple who were interviewed last year who said that, because they’re responsible, they have sent their parents to live with relatives just to be safe.

The adage, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, hardly applies in all these, but for what it’s worth, it reminds me of the recklessness in all of us. True, if one were unaware of a problem, one won’t be able to worry about it. However, as the problem in this case is real, and they have clearly chosen to ignore it, what does that tell you?

Another posture that has become quite common among these non believers. Once, also at the market place, a friend had asked a vegetable vendor why she was not wearing a face mask. The vendor had proudly replied, why be worried, there is no covid in the bukid where she’s from.

Think of the logic in that. I myself had heard of it several times. Easy to say, the saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’ might perhaps apply. Yet in this context, unknown to her, that blissfull ignorance may turn deadly, especially if she becomes the covid carrier for all those fellow vegetable growers in the bukid.

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