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BILLY  and Raquel Molinos’ love story started when they met – he was 20 and she was 16 years old. They celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary last month with 6 children, 15 grandchildren, and one great grand-son! Daughter-in-law Sally Molinos interviewed them about their story and what made their love survive this long. Learn the secrets to their lasting love.

Billy pursued and was determined to win pretty Raquel despite her disinterest. They met at a gathering called “Christian Endeavor” when they were still in Iloilo.

Both their families unknowingly migrated to neighboring towns in North Cotabato where they had a chance to meet again. On his first visit, he walked 10 kilometers only to find out she was not home. Billy’s family moved to Davao City, but he kept his pursuit of Raquel.

He became an avid suitor giving gifts, writing letters even if none were reciprocated. Billy became busy with work after a while and the thought of Raquel slipped his mind; until he learned from Raquel’s uncle that she was still single.

Billy asked Raquel’s hand in marriage and she obeyed her parents. He paid her another visit and found out another guy was pursuing her. Afraid that he might lose her, he decided to bring his mother and youngest sister to Cotabato to ask Raquel’s parents for her hand in marriage.

Surprisingly, they agreed, and Raquel chose to obey her parents’ decision. He was 29 and she was 25. Three days later, they were married simply with family and few relatives present.

They kept their marriage vows despite the unusual start and difficult adjustments. The years that followed were characterized by mixed experiences, both bad and good times. Many times when Raquel had difficult times adjusting, what helped her was her calm and quiet spirit, maintaining the right attitude, the love and understanding of Billy, and her mother’s valuable advice – not to worry but to trust God. Though Raquel admitted that she regretted getting married early, she didn’t think of separation as an option. She also did not regret being married to Billy.

They focused on and appreciated each other’s positive qualities. Billy noticed Raquel’s submissive and obedient spirit, happy countenance, and high respect for him. She was and still is soft-spoken and sweet, non-complaining, light-hearted, loving, and self-sacrificing. She was beautiful inside and out. Raquel, on the other hand, saw qualities in Billy that drew her closer to him. Billy was loving in his way, he showed commitment, understanding, and had a unique sense of humor. He was very relational, he had the heart to serve, was industrious, hardworking, and responsible. He saw to it that he could work to provide for the family.

They grew together in character, supported each other, and made good choices. They were involved with Women’s and Men’s groups in the church. They never missed attending church services until lately, as they have many health issues now. They included family times and vacations in their schedule. They helped each other in the house.

When there was tension between them, Raquel’s submissive response even until now helps de-escalate the tension. They still watch video messages though. To Billy, he sees the importance of being true to the marriage commitment, serving the Lord and serving each other, being a good provider, being understanding; and for Raquel, trusting the Lord, as key elements in their marriage.

Billy is now 95 years old and Raquel is 91. He still reads the Bible and Christian books at times. He reads aloud to Raquel who is weaker now, and he also serves and takes care of her in his capacity. Their love has deepened and survived through the years by God’s grace. Theirs is a worthy example of staying faithful to each other because they both love God and are committed for a lifetime to love the one you marry, “until death do us part”!

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