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HONORING MY MOTHER | Of popcorns and other perspectives




ONE OF the spices of life lies in the knowing that everything that happens in the world affects us in different ways. However vaguely put, the truth is that all these diverse reactions, despite their initial impression of chaos, always end with either a goal or an aftermath.

After all, if everything were in agreement in this universe, the resulting stagnancy would be the end of us all and no sparks would ever fly.

That is why I hate some of my friends. In social media, that is. And jokingly of course. In so many instances, whether they be heated debates on politics, differences in choices of our sports, i.e., tennis heroes, and most recently, opposite standpoints on Covid, vaccines, lockdown, and other animals, the home plate for me had always been to believe in the saying, “different strokes for different folks.”

At the very least, that is where I stop being impatient and giddy, then move further on to focus a bit better on my day-to-day. Luckily for most people, they have their nine to five; we retirees have to constantly ad-lib our ways for most parts, eclectic or just aimless, unlike multi-colored Kois in a pond.

Seriously, to agree to disagree is always easier said than done, especially when the chips rest on very sensitive shoulders. Just recently, I have witnessed impassioned retorts from some people whom we know, about the possibility of a lockdown because of increased Covid cases in their area.

While it may be true that to earn a living and provide food at the table are extremely important, it is likewise equally necessary to factor in, that if we do not take the prescribed measures, the consequences well be be worse than it already is.

For one, there will never be an end to the pandemic if we don’t clip it in the bud once and for all. Just look at the lessons of Vietnam and our other Asian neighbors. Their numbers have already gotten down to near zero, mainly because of their resolve and discipline.

I might as well use the cliche while it’s still relevant, but hating to sound like a broken record seems to be the most ignored graffiti in this life’s bulletin board. As always, it is observable that those with access to all available means of communications (and miscommunication) are the ones who are the loudest at trumpeting their disagreement as though it was word-of-the-day, while the rest of the members in the anthill patiently go about their daily grind.

True, we may all have our own problems, our own personal journeys, and rabbit holes to get lost into. From a bird’s eye view, the chaotic goings-on may also appear as both unending and senseless. Despite these, science dictates that everything will surely meet on the horizon, as they always do. Through all this diversity, the only truth lies in one reality: in the vastness of an unlimited expanse, ours is but a small world just magnified because we have such limited vision.

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