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Your next best roommate could be a plant

Are you too busy to take care of a plant but still need one (or a dozen) to take care of you? Fret not!

Not every house plant requires extensive gardening expertise. Even without a green thumb, you can still setup your indoor green haven with foliage that requires very little care and work. A plant is also the easiest choice for a roommate—it doesn’t make any mess, it helps you with some cleaning (the air), and it doesn’t bother you with small talk and coming home drunk.

Check out this list of your new green buddies.

  1. Pothos has the ability to withstand underexposure to sunlight and under/over watering. You can style a pothos plant in varied ways too–it can dangle on a basket or sit on a pot nicely. It has air-purification properties, too, so that just provides you great green company in your room.
  2. Spider plants are tought ones–they’re self-propagating and good at air-cleaning. They stay pretty in low light and perfect for small apartments and first-time plant parents. It also produces little “babies” fast, too, and that’s just easy magic for anyone wanting to grow lots of greens indoors. Only weekly lazy watering is required.
  3. Tillandsia or air plants are easy to grow and make good house plant friends. All they need are moisture from the air and a place to–wait for it–hangout! For optimal growth you can let them “lounge” in water for an hour once a week. Their plant holders are very stylish, too!
  4. There’s something calming about having a pot of aloe in your desk. They’re green and wonderfully understated. They only require attention and watering once a week but are always there for you, in case of scrapes and burns. This is unconditional love in a pot.

Find your new roomie in SM Lanang Premier’s Plant Fest and bring a bit of the outdoors into your home. Plants and gardening essentials are available in the 2nd Level Northwing near the Food Hall until the end of February.

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